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November 30, 2010

The Love Boat Journey.

Picture courtesy from Mr. Google

Closing my eyes tightly, I always imagine the two of us sailing in a small boat on the wild sea. The ocean sometimes gets harsh towards us. And the wind makes us unstable which might let us fall down from our boat. But we hold ourselves tightly even though sometimes I nearly slip from his arms. Just hang on. Believe in ourselves and be strong. I just don’t know when we will arrive at our “final destination”. I know we’re getting closer because sometimes I could hear the sounds of the wedding bell. But sometimes that sounds gone with the rough wind and it’s vanished within a second.

When is our turn to reach at our destination? I could see that some of our friends’ boat had already arrived and some of them are just a few meters away. Baby, maybe the sea that we go through is the wildest one compared to others. Obstacles and challenges are everywhere! Sometimes I feel like giving up but it’s not worth it to do such things after all we went through together.

This so-called journey to our destination is really really challenging. Don’t ask me how many litres of tears I had wasted to get through each of the obstacles. But thank God. Allah is always by my our side. Let’s pray and pray and pray and pray. And not to forget, hope and faith.

This journey takes a longer time than I’ve thought. Just hang on. We’ll reach the finish line soon. Hopefully.

Hugs and kisses,

November 29, 2010


Kenapa? Kenapa?Kenapa tak boleh? Saya tak suka la plain white je. Nak jugak ade colour-colour. Tapi tak boleh???Dulu boleh je..Apsal ntah..Kenapa? Mak geram...marah....dah lompat-lompat dah ni..Sambil memegang kaki kerusi...Bila-bila masa je ni mak boleh jadi Hulk. Urghh!!

Will anyone with the pure kind-hearted help me solve this problem? I'm talking about fonts in each of my entry. I don't know why. Dah tukar warna tapi tak berhasil. Mengapakah??

Ahhh...benci...benci...mak benci!!!


Hugs and kisses,

Semak ke? Sorry ye.

Owh..nampaknya Mocca band ni tak boleh berhenti menyanyi. Korang rasa semak ke? Kepada readers terchenta, kalau rasa lagu ni menggangu jiwa emosi anda untuk membaca alkisah saya yang tak seberapa ni,sila lah turn on mute. Ngee~

But I love this song so much. My only one is one of my favourite songs. It brings so much meaning in my journey with my Mr. Heartbreaker-that-could-make-me-smile-widely-at-the-same-time. Wah..Panjang nolks nama dia.. Kau ade????

Ishhkkk!! Kadang-kadang depress juga mak ni. Sebab the only person that could make me smile (I mean real smile dengan hati berbunga-bunga gitu) is the only person who could make me cry. Arghhhh...Apakah?? Depress??? Owh..please don't let me scream or even worst leap from the 88th floor building. Tak rela you olz!! Simpang malaikat 44!

Anyways, I'm all alone at home now. My parents and my auntie's family are off to Seremban to my sis's palace. I have to stay at home to settle down with the laundries and house chores. Rumah bersepah gila babs. Saya adalah sangat tak boleh melihat cushions tidak berada pada koordinat yang betul. Mata saya juga sangat allergics dengan kain baju yang menimbun serta dapur yang agak bersepah. Perlu bersabar sedikit waktu lagi. Bukan selalu pun sedara mara belah mak datang. So layanzzz!!!

Okay nak sambung lipat baju. will continue to ramble after this.

Pesanan ikhlas dari penaja: Don't forget your dinner.

Hugs and kisses,

Semuanya nak sakit.

Apsal la pinggang saya sakit sangat ni? Adakah mungkin telah tersalah posisi masa kilang tahi mata sedang beroperasi semalam? Aiseh. Nak duduk kat sofa pun rasa tak best. Plus sore throat lagi. Habislah career mak sebagai penyanyi jamban. Kuangkuangkuang..

By the way, I'm not in a good mood right now. Being hurt bertubi-tubi adalah satu perkara yang amat sucks sekali. Owh mungkin dua kali. Atau berkali-kali. Sekali-sekala nak rebel, apa salahnya. Selalunya makan hati..kali ni nak rebel. Tula kau...nasi ada, lauk ketam lagi, kau pegi makan hati sape suruh kan...

Owh ye, already watched that video on Youtube. Astaghafar banyak-banyak. Ishk..remaja zaman sekarang. Atau lebih tepat lagi..umat di akhir zaman. Ko ingat ni New York ke? Memang mak double sentap you olz!!

Okaylah nak pergi menenagkan diri. Hati sakit ni ye tuan-tuan dan puan-puan. Harap maklum.

Hugs and kisses,

November 28, 2010


Good morning everyone. It’s Sunday morning without sunshine. It’s overcast again outside. By the way, I just came back from petrol station, learning how to pump my baby’s tyre. Baru nak belajar pam tayar ke? Kekdahnye la kan. Selama ni memang tak tau pam tayar. Isi minyak tau la. Huahuahua.

I really hate it when he’s busy. I have to wait like ages for him to reply my text, let alone to call me. I’d already wish him Happy Anniversary for the 5th time, yet he still remains silence.

Mak sangat marah dan geram sekali. Dah mengangkang macam Hulk dah ni. Ikutkan hati memang nak mengamuk. Tapi kalau saya mengamuk keluar air mata darah sekalipun, dia tetap keras. Tindakan seterusnya...ey, kira telah curang ke semalam?? Saya tak bersalah. Saya hanya perlukan a shoulder to cry. Thanks awak sebab buat saya happy semalam..Auww...Sch-weet!!! Lagi pulak tengah tak berapa nak sihat kan.........Dah dia ntah ke mana. Harap telephone je mahal, pakai bill. Tapi bill melambung untuk orang lain. Arghh..malas mak nak cite... Nanti mak sentapsss!!!

Okay, need to get ready. Hari ni ada birthday party. My nephew’s birthday. Nak beli hadiah ape ye?

Nota kaki: Happy 4th birthday my beloved Booby!!

Hugs and kisses,

November 27, 2010

Dah sebulan dah..

Time flies so fast. Pejam celik, pejam celik dah sebulan dah baby aku ni. Happy birthday sayang. Baru je bawa baby pergi "spa" tapi hari ni dah kena hujan dah..Takpe, takpe..mommy tetap sayang baby.. Happy 1st month birthday Titine.

You think this car is cute? Look at the driver...kuangkuangkuang...

Nota kaki: I'm thankful for what I've got. Alhamdulillah.


Cikmai datang lagi......(cakap macam gaya Tora..datang lagi..) Arini rase nak cite pasal kawanku yang senantiasa menyediakan great accommodation untuk aku berteduh dari hujan panas. Ececece..ayat touching abes! Okay, okay..the award winner for the best friend I’d ever had goes to....(sambil ade drum roll gitu)..Miss Fardilla Fawzi. Yay!!!!*Clap*Clap*

Me and Cik Dilla.

Owh, gambar tersebut telah diambil few years back masa tengah berpeluh-peluh habiskan degree. Tengoklah mak..tak melets langsung..Urghh..Bajet sekarang kau melets la???Tak jugak pun kan....Perlu tingkatkan usaha menepek beauty krim dengan lebih gigih lagi. Jadi sila beli beauty krim secara pukal selepas ini.

The sweet lady in that purple dress is Miss Fardilla Fawzi. Even though dah tamat degree, but we still keep in touch. Bukan menyentuh sesame sendiri ye you olz. Dear, your existence is significant. I’m quite fond of you actually. You always manage to do two things on the same time. You’re a consistent two-timer. You could work and finish you master on the same time. Plus, busy preparing for your big day lagi. Eh, tu bukan two-timer lagi dah nolks..tu dah three-timer. OMG!! Seorang wanita yang tabah you olz! You always think about your future. No matter what happened, no matter what other people said, you will always stick on your opinion and your path. Salut!! I like. I like. *sambil kalut-kalut mencari button "like"*

The best moments with her will always be that...gossip moments!!! We will chit-chatting, laughing out loud, which might leave us with dislocated jaws later. This is what you get when you combine “miss chatterbox” and “miss astro”.

However, I only have few months to treasure this so-called privacy moment together with this iron lady. Then I have to share her with her husband later. Nk kahwin dah kawan aku yang sorang ni. Kau bile lagi? (Bercakap sambil berdiri depan cermin)..Lagi 6 tahun kot...selagi tak berkedut, selagi tak menggelebeh sana-sini...Jangan harap la ade orang nak datang meminang mak.. Aiseh..sampai ketua la kot. Tak nak!!!! Mintak la dijauhkan. Amin.

Dear, I just want you to know that I’m so happy for you. Knowing that my best friend will end up her single lady life is the happiest moment in my life. And thank you for choosing me as your bride’s maid. It is such a great honour.

Ah...suke..suke...mak suke!!!!

I love you babe. Thanks for being part of my life. Muaahhh!! Auww~ Sch-eewt!!

Hugs and kisses,

November 26, 2010

Adorable Baby Jazmine.

Last Wednesday after I finished my work at school, I went straight to Sabrina’s house to visit her with her first baby. Okay, not that straight actually. I went to Giant, Batu Caves first to pamper my tummy with food...like always.

Introducing Sabrina’s very first daughter. Sharifah Jazmine Medina.

Comelkan Jazmine? (Photo courtesy from Sabrina's Facebook)

OMG!! Isn’t she adorable? Jazmine was sleeping when I arrived. But I waited for her to open that prettiest pair of eyes. And she did. She woke up for milk. Alololo...coms gell you olz!!! Lepas menyusu, meragam pula si kenit ni. Then I cuddled her with the gentlest touch ever. And she sleeps in my arms. Double OMG!! Comel sangat. Agaknya best sangat kot tidur and then siap buat “kuih” ye you olz. Then I helped to clean her poo! It’s okay..Mak dah biasa dah you olz. Before this kan I was a babysitter. Tapikan...memang comel sangat Jazmine. Nak jadi mama angkat Jazmine, boleh?? Pleaseee....

Right now I feel like I really want to be a mother. It will be the most wonderful, joyous and fulfilling experience there could ever be for me. The feeling of holding your own sweet baby is unexplained. The smile will capture my heart. Owh....bila lah ianya akan berlaku.

Hope and pray. Amin.

Nota kaki: Congrates again to Daniel and Sabrina on their first baby, Jazmine.

Hugs and kisses,

November 25, 2010

24th November 2010

I just reached Dilla's place after fetching him at Wisma BERNAMA. It was my first time going there. Alhamdulillah. I didn't get lost. Google really helps me a lot. Thanks Mr. Google. I owe you a lot! Hehe.

I was worried because his phone was running out of battery. How am I supposed to know whether he'd already arrived or not? So I have to use my super so-called psychic power. It was 9.30 p.m. and I went straight to my destination and arrived there within half an hour. Phew! Living in the city had really improved my driving skills. Again, alhamdulillah.

Anyways, I never knew that Wisma BERNAMA area was quite "scary" at night. So I asked politely to the guard there, hoping that he will let me park my baby in. Dah habis comel muka mak you olz...Alhamdulillah dapat. Dah macam staff kat situ plak kan....Nearly 1 hour I'd been waiting for him..Like always, sempat beramah mesra dengan pak cik guard tersebut. Asalkan boleh je ko ni Joyah...huahuahua..Lantak...kau ade??=p

I was like jumping bila si dia sampai!!!Tengok dia sihat dah cukup dah u olz!! Then I drove him back. Sempat menyinggah di NZ Garden Cafe. Sian baby tak makan lagi....Thanks dear cause dah memantapkan lagi skill side parking I...huahuahua.

Nota kaki: This entry should be posted on the he came back. But I was asleep while typing.

Hugs and kisses,

November 23, 2010


I browsed through one of my friend’s photos in Facebook. Only one word that came out from my mouth.. Astaghfirullah. Sentap mak! Of course la sentap you olz!! Gambar cium mulut bagai, dengan aksi smoking bersama kekasih...Tak kisah la kan kau nak buat apa pun, tapi I don’t think it’s good to make it public. Like the whole world could see them. Kalau orang macam mak yang tengok, tak pe lagi..what if your parents? Tak ke hancur luluh hati orang tua tu tengok anak yang patut mendoakan mereka jauh terpesong dan hanyut dengan godaan syaitan? Wah..ustazah you olz!! I’m not saying that I’m a good perfect Muslim. But at least, I’m trying to become one of those. Usaha tangga kejayaan..tak gitu?

Sekarang ni ramai antara kita yang beragama Islam hanyalah Islam pada nama. I admit that, in this modern world, adalah sukar untuk kita mengamalkan cara hidup seorang Islam yang soleh or solehah. I admit that it’s not easy. Challenges and obstacles are everywhere! Mak pun kadang-kadang tewas but thank god I’m still on the right path. Alhamdulillah.

Sambung balik pasal kes sentap ni. Memanglah hak anda untuk meletak gambar-gambar sekalian sebab it is your account, but dah hilang ke malu pada diri anda? A Malay, A Muslim..Astaghfirullah...astaghfirullah.. Tapi anda seperti mahu show off dan you are very proud of it. Simpan sorang-sorang sudah..Hai...mak memang tengah sentap ni nolks. Thank god I had this little room of mine to let out my displeasure. Pardon me for that.

Do we need to be proud of the sins that we had committed? I think repent could be best replaced that “proud” word. Hello, we don’t know when our last day to live is and everyone of us will be called to deal with death as part of our lives. Tak takut mati ke you olz?? Astaghfirullah. .Lantaklah..korang dah besar panjang pun..I only can pray for you, hoping that one day you will be showered with hidayah and will be a better person. Pesanan ringkas dari penaja : Sama-samalah kita berdoa untuk diri kita sendiri dan orang lain. Allah kan maha pemurah...

Entry ini bukanlah untuk mengumpat ataupun bergossip sakan you olz! Niat hanya sekadar mahu berkongsi.

Nota kaki: Takutnya nak mendidik anak in future nanti. Ya Allah, kuatkan iman ku. Amin.

Hugs and kisses,

November 22, 2010

La Vita E Bella

What a gloomy Monday morning. The weather is overcast and rain is pouring on my window pane. I turned on my so-called bestfriend, Mr. lappy and quickly updated my status in Facebook- Life is truly beautiful. 24 years of living had thought me and makes me realized that life IS beautiful, especially with the ups and downs, the circles and the squares and the bittersweet of life. It is beautiful, don’t you think?

But what it is that makes life is so beautiful? It is all depends on us and how we view what beautiful is. The simple things around me that are beautiful may not be beautiful to someone else or maybe to you. If you open your eyes and your heart widely, you’ll find out that there are many beautiful things in this world that we’re living in. They are the things that we see around, the people, the scenes, the weather and the happiness and the sadness that we see in other people and we experience ourselves.

Life is like a large, empty canvas, waiting for the stroke of eager brush to paint on my memories, waiting for me to create the truest form of beauty within life. I had been living for 24 years old and they are many “firsts” that I had experienced. First crush, first date, first love, first kiss, first pay check, first car..Such beautiful images that only deepest of ones mind can produce. And I have years ahead waiting for me to complete my paint of life with the obstacles and challenges that can actually enhance my being and makes my life more beautiful as I embrace with hope, faith and perseverance.

I still remember the times when I was struggling to fulfil my dreams, to settle down with my life, my career, my relationship. Yet, I’m still struggling now. Because I know that life was created, life is given, life is taken, life can change, and life can certainly be difficult, but the concept and perception that Life is Beautiful can only be appreciated and accepted when we embrace it fully, face the climb, endure the valleys and enjoy the mountaintops. Life is beautiful if we take the time to look for all that it has to offer through the many wonders that it brings to who we are.

Never regret on things that you had done. But you have to regret on chances and the opportunity that you wasted.

Life is Beautiful. Have a good, happy, fulfilling, abundant, life-giving life full of love everyone. I love you all.

I'm thankful for what I've got, what I have.

P/s: It’s raining quite heavily outside. Rains will always remind me of him. I miss my macha so badly la….I just can’t wait to meet him.

Hugs and kisses,

November 21, 2010


This morning I was awake by my phone. It was beeping and I’ve got a message from someone that I’ve been waiting like for every minute. He sent me his morning photo with his sweetest “morning motivation”. I jumped happily. Yes, I did jump! My mom seems immune with my reaction. This only happen on things related to my love life.

Recently, whenever I keep thinking about him, he will surely text or call me. It’s chemistry, I guess. Don’t you think?

Yesterday, while I was busy looking for my favourite tee, I found something. It’s my old red T-shirt which I wore it during my first date with him. I can still remember vividly that day. We were off to Sunway Pyramid. And of course, we went there by bus and train. My first date is all about laughing, laughing and laughing. Never knew that he’s that “gila-gila”. And he seems couldn’t take his eyes off me. And when I asked him why he was staring at me, he came to a short silent. And then we were laughing. Again and again.

I still remember the movie that we watched on that most memorable day. It’s a Thai’s horror movie. But we were laughing. Pelik kot. Maybe we were just too happy spending time together..LOL!

And the place where we had our first lunch together was Pizza Hut. And I still remember our table where we sit, and looking at each other, where my heart thumped like there was millions of hippo inside my chest!!! We were sharing our pizza and talking and laughing.

When we came back to our college, I remember what he said to me. He was hoping that we could go out together again some other times. And I was like jumping!!! Tapi mak control nolks!! Jatuh la saham nanti you olz!! Well of course, we were seeing each other again like for every day. Yela, we went to the acoustic band’s practice and of course la buat show together.. Dah kate same band you olz! And I remember every single thing (even the darndest one) we did together.

Macam nilah muka beliau masa our first date. Muka nakal gitu. Tapi rambut je la lain...Masa study ala nerd gitu!!

You and I -lovers, secret-keeper, best-friends and best enemy sometimes. Take care my dear macha. This little girl is missing you so damn much. I need your bear hug la sayang...auwww~ Gediks!!

Hugs and kisses,

November 20, 2010

Penang Oh, Penang!

As the month of November rolled around I would begin making holiday plans. I would love to fill my breaks with joy and excitement! You know the drill, huh? So let’s find time to relax from those evil workloads!!

So...I have a list of places that I would love to travel to. One of the nearest one is Penang. Yes dear, Penang meh!! Tak pernah pergi Penang ke you olz?? Memang tak pernah kau! Tempat jauh-jauh yang kena naik flight bagai I olz dah pegi kan?? Penang yang tak berapa nak jauh, I olz tak pegi lagi ke?? Kekdahnye.....

Anyways,why Penang? For me, it’s one of the beautiful states in Malaysia. It embraces modernity yet, still retaining its traditions and old charms. And the night life? Oh, please don’t tell me now. I’m drooling to go there!! And not to forget about the food. Rojak pasembur, Penang char kuew tiaw..OMG!!! Somebody help me!!*Double drooling*

Nak pergi the beaches..nak makan Penang food..Nak naik Bukit Bendera..Nak buat photoshoot there!! Urghh!! Tak tahan mak you olz!! Memang nak pergi kot..Tapi siapa nak teman? Sape nak amik gambar posing-posing nanti? Takkan nak camwhoring all the way?? Gile ke ape?

Dah tu, bilenye nak pergi??? Uwaaaa!!!

Lebih baik makan jamu.Eh, ada connection ke? Motiff?? Selamat malam semua.

Hugs and kisses,

Gentleman, please?

This is a true story happened to the author and her house mate.

One fine Monday morning evening, we were off to Pertama complex to pick up my house mate's wedding invitation card and the door gift's boxes. Banyak you olz!! 1000+ pieces gitu. Of course la berkotak-kotak kan? Dah la mak parked kete dekat Sogo. Menapak la you olz!!

Then suddenly, mak teringat something about what my sis told me tentang betapa gentleman nya lelaki-lelaki di sana. Di sana? Where? Di UK lah! Like what I've been told by my sis, lelaki di sana sangat ringan tulang menghulurkan bantuan if mereka nampak perempuan sedang struggling mengangkat barang or maybe standing in the bus.

Then I looked around. Ramainya lelaki-lelaki yang lalu-lalang. Unfortunately, they don't even look at us. For your info, both of us are really really in the small size. So dapat tak bayangkan macam mana kami mengangkat barang-barang tersebut? Lelaki-lelaki hanya memandang sahaja.

Then masa nak melintas, I said to her.

Me: Kak, if we were at other country, like UK or maybe US, I'm sure there will be a kind guy lend us a help to carry this heavy things.

Her : Tu la pasal. Ni tau tengok je.

Then suddenly, from out of no where, a Foreigner guy a.k.a "Mat Salleh" came and said : Are you sure you don't have a problem carrying these boxes, young lady? You need any help?

And I was like wowzah!! Baiknya.. See...Mat Salleh jugak yang nak tolong. What happened to the Malaysian guys? Especially those Malay one? Hello!!! Haish! Mak bukan nak mengondem ke ape ke...tapi this is reality. Even if dalam bus pun, kalau berdiri, sampai ke destinasi la mak berdiri. Fuh..nasib baik la mak dah ade kuda sendiri you olz!

So...renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal! Huahuahua!

Hugs and kisses,

November 17, 2010

Selamat hari raya korban...

Salam Aidil Adha everyone. How’s your raya session? Mine was super tired like always. I was busy in the kitchen since last night, preparing the dishes for my family. Alhamdulillah, everything went just fine. And hey, I had so much fun spending time with my beloved mum in the kitchen!! What about you?

Speaking about festive, only one word that I could perfectly describe about it: P.E.N.A.T! Now only I have time to pamper myself in this little room of mine. But I don’t know what to blog about. This is what happened to me when I get really really tired. I failed to capture the stories that keep on mingling inside my mind.

Tapi....satu benda yang paling pasti saya rindu dia. Sangat sangat sangat dan teramat. I called him just now to tell him how much I miss him. Mak tak peduli nolks jadi gediks. Haha! Rindu you olz. Si dia bekerja keras siang malam, pagi petang, 24-7!! It’s been quite a long time since our last date. I just can’t wait for him to settle down with his workloads. Hopefully Allah akan permudahkan urusan beliau. Dan yang paling penting Allah will protect him.

Becakap tentang raya korban, tetiba teringat tentang his sacrifice. Sometimes kan I did feel guilty to him. Yela...saya tau adalah sebab saya juga si dia bekerja keras. Pengorbanan dia sangat besar and I really appreciate it. That is why saya tak lagi nak menggedik-gedik asked him when he will propose me. Because I know, that day will come soon. “Kejap je lagi, tak lame pun sayang..”, that’s what he said to me and to my parents. Sekarang ni tak nak bagi pressure kat my sayang. Sebab saya sayang dia. All he need now is my support. And all I need is your prayers. Doakan kami ya.

Doakan kami ya. *Please pray for us*. Amin

Okay then. Kadar bukaan mata sudah mencapai tahap yang tak boleh blah. I need to go to bed right now. Before that, don’t forget your Jamu ya Cikmai. Bonne nuit sweethearts!

Hugs and kisses,

November 16, 2010

When I say a big hooray!!!!

Beautiful morning everyone!I am now trying to make myself as calm as I could. Let's run away from that bundle of workloads and get rid of the emotional abuse at school!! Alhamdulillah. Syukur. School's holidays had started! So......................a big HOORAY for me!!!Yay!!

By the way, when I said I'm on holidays, it means my location now is at home sweet home la nolks! Where else? Like I said, there's no place like home. Agree?

But it seems like I have to share this happiness alone. I feel like I'm empty. It has been 3 weeks since our last meeting. He's away for an outstation again. And me? I'm worried like hell as always. Please Allah, protect him from any danger as only You know how much I love him. Amin.

Let's have breakfast everyone! Lepas tu makan jamu you olz! Apparently, that jamu is starting to show good effect. Terasa tegang at certain important parts. Barula cantik sikit mak nak pakai baju pengantin nanti, insyaAllah.

Hug and kisses,

November 14, 2010

Quick post

Sunday will always be the best day for me to post at least an entry. Yay! I’m now at Seremban, by the way. Yesterday I went to my niece’s Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan at Kompleks Belia dan Sukan, Paroi. Hmm...sedar tak sedar dah darjah 5 dah tahun depan my lovely Fatihah. How time flies!!

Oh ya, last Friday akhirnya dapat jua ku menikmati hidangan di Fullhouse Cafe!! I was mesmerized by the deco of that cafe. Oh, not to forget, and the sweet and lovely cakes!! Thanks to my gorgeous and cute sisters Nabeela and Nadia sebab bagi saya kidnapped mereka like always. And thanks to uncle and auntie because allowed me to do so. Lepas bawak Titine ke “klinik” untuk diservis, terus shoot ke Subang Jaya to fetch them. Jalan-jalan cari pasal kat Sunway Pyramid then terus menuju ke destinasi. Makan sampai lebam. Sampai rumah mama ajak makan lagi. Sebab hari tu telah tak sempat makan, jadi ni dah 2 kali mama ajak. And..makan lagi!!!! Yay!! Gundu la mak lepas ni nolks!

Owh, nampaknya ku tidak boleh mengepost entry secara panjang lebar you olz! My sis called me and I will off to Sunway Pyramid again..Yay!

Jom layan gambar!!

From left to right: Aliah, Najwa and Saifullah

Congrates kakak!

Fatihah with her mommy..=)

Cuz we are family.....

Me with the kids...

Hugs and kisses,

*Harap-harap dapat berjumpa dengan beliau yang baru pulang dari outstation semalam...*

November 10, 2010

I just couldn't stop being gediks...haha

I am now in a situation where emotions and sensitivity are heightened. Don’t you get it? It means I am putting more thoughts into ways to say “I miss you “is needed. Again, he went out for an outstation. Alhamdulillah he’d already arrived safely at Jerteh, Terengganu. 5 days will make me suffer, that’s for sure.

The stress of this so-called long distance relationship is sometimes not so easy on me. Communication is needed to keep our relationship healthy. But how? He’s busy and I don’t want to be a jerk, who doesn’t understand his situation. Mak bukan budak kecik yang perlu merengek here and there you olz! But it can be really difficult for me to walk the fine line between showing him how much I care about him and being too needy. Owh..someone please help me to guide me between the line.

Seriously, I miss him like a flower misses rain. Like the sun misses to shine during rainy days. If I don’t control this feeling, I will probably go insane. Mr. Boify, I told you before that when we don’t get to talk or text, I will definitely miss you. And I realize it more of the time. I just don’t know how to explain it. It seems like my day is incomplete. And forget about the pain that I go through. It likes my heart was being pulled out by a troll!! Or maybe by a Frankenstein kot..Haha!

I shouldn’t act this way. Hey...I’m a grown-up remember? So, instead of me, dwelling on the downside of my so-called long distance relationship, why not I try to find a more positive way to twist that gediks “I miss you” into a more matured “I can’t wait until we’re together again” message? So that the “missing you” portion of the message won’t be overlooked and hopefully he will appreciate that being missed is making me long for the day that I’m reunited. Betul tak you olz???

Owh..nampaknya mode gediks malam is increasing rapidly you olz. I just couldn’t help myself to stop thinking about him. Baby, my prayers are for you to come back soon. But now, as the time ticks by, I can only sit and wait for you to come back. To miss you is to love you baby. Take care my love. I just can’t wait to meet you again.

What more important is that..I hope you do feel the same way too.

I am not sound so pathetic, am i? Bonne nuit.

Hugs and kisses,

November 09, 2010

Random thoughts.

Sorry for the lack of blog posts recently and sorry for not being a good blogger lately. Yeah, I admit that. My life has turned out to be more hectic than ever. I have so many workloads to be settled before the school holidays. And I have double workloads waiting for me next year. That’s a promise. Sigh~

Actually I would love to write every single thing that happened in my life. You know why? It’s because writing is the best way for me to satisfy the urge of expressing anything from random feelings and thoughts to my mixed-up emotions. I’m one of a kind who loves to share my wild imaginations and my ramblings. But like I said, it’s not easy to make my private life public. There’s a limit and I have to make sure that I won’t go too far. (Even though sometimes I did, pardon me)

Oh yes. Something that I really hope won’t happen just happened yesterday. Every day, every time I finished my solat (prayers) I will ask Allah for my safety. But He gave me that critical situation yesterday. Alhamdulillah, everything was fine. Thanks to my neighbour for helping me to get rid of that snake. Yes, I repeat SNAKE. Mak sangat geli dengan makhluk tersebut okay you olz? Sekian. Don’t want to talk about it. I’m phobia.

Urgh!!I’m starving!! Padahal dah makan kot tadi. Nasi, kuew tiaw...Now still starving. Need to find something to eat. Wah...berkesankah jamu tersebut? Hope lepas ni badan mak montok la hendaknye..Baru mengancam pakai kebaya. Kuikuikui.

Hugs and kisses,

November 07, 2010

Photoshoot- Part 3

I am now watching P. Ramlee's movie : Do Re Mi. This is like hundreds time I'm watching this movie. But still, I love this movie. I love all of his masterpieces. It's awesome!!

Oh, I'm baking a cake by the way. Just a plain butter cake with a plain chocolate topping. Lama tau mak tak buat cake you olz!! Maklumlah...living alone in the city, rumah pun serba kekurangan...so malas nak buat pape yang berkaitan dengan my only skill. Ececece....

Tomorrow will be back to where I belong. Huahuahua. Rasanya nak gerak pagi-pagi. Takut jam. Agak-agak kalau drop by kat rumah encik boify, die nak jumpe mak tak? Hope so.

Just want to share photos for my previous entry. Layanzzz!!

Cuz we are so sweet.....

Forever will be sisters, right?


I love this one!!

Green green grass...


After a so-called-hiking..

Through the window...

Love this masterpiece too=)

There's a world behind the wall....

Flowers are everywhere..

Us again...heart this photo..

Can you count the birds?

Flight of stairs...

Me, sengal again....hehe..

Photographer: My beloved Zaffan Zaini
Location : Melaka
Talent: Me, Zaffira Zaini and La Dolce Nadia

Hugs and kisses,

November 06, 2010

2 bucks won't be a richer.

I am now counting every pennies left inside my gorgeous red wallet. 2 bucks left. Urghh....3 months without a single pay check had really made me suffered. I need new attires. I need a new handbag. I need a facial treatment. I need spa. I need new shoes. It looks like the devil is going to wear that old Crocs like forever???? I hope that November will bring a miracle for me..Let's pray for that miracle together.

Hugs and kisses,

November 05, 2010


...my new baby, my responsibilities, my very first property. Alhamdulillah. I just finished shower Titine. Isn't she gorgeous? By the way, Apit said WUM stands for Wang Upah Mengajar.. Is it? Haha. Kekdahnye la kan... Terfikir untuk meng-tinted-kan lagi beliau. Perlukah? What do you think?


Wang Upah Mengajar?

Syukur, Alhamdulillah.

Hugs and kisses,