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October 23, 2011

Jumper? No,I'm not!

Well, OK. I have got a bit of here and there in my drafts which I haven't finish writing it. The only reason why I couldn't finish it is, I've been busy completing my tasks at school. I am now in the stage which I called it "demolishing process". I really really really want to get rid of this stress as soon as I can. Hopefully. I just can't wait to say goodbye to school. Well,at least for this year. 

Last night, I watched Jumper on t.v. I haven't watch that movie since its first released in 2008. Last night was my first time. Don't you think it was so cool when you can have your breakfast in Italy, lunch in New York and shopping in Paris just like that? 

Well, of course I can't. I'm just an ordinary human being. But at least I was a so called jumper yesterday. It just that it took me 2 hours to arrive at my destination rather than only by a blink of eyes. We travel by car. We? Did I just say WE? 

Yes, WE- my boyfriend and I. We had a wedding reception in Pulai, MERLIMAU, Melaka. Again, did I say MERLIMAU? My hometown? Yes! That is why I was so excited when I received his call early in the morning asking me to get ready for the journey. And I was like Yay!!!!! I can drop by at my parents'!!!

It took about 2 hours to be there. When we arrived, all his office mates were already there. The food was quite OK but what makes me feel so uneasy was his office mates, all the ladies to be exact. They seem like don't want to stay and you know, get to know with me. Well at least, we should have a chat, introducing each other,like suai-kenal activity kan...I just want to be friends..But then, after my boyfriend gave one them, Wani if I'm not mistaken, that memory card, they just get up and blah. What? Did I make something wrong? They hate me? They don't like me? Or maybe one of them had a crush on my boyfriend so that's why they couldn't stay any longer. Jealous maybe? I asked my boyfriend about that and he replied "Ntahlah..I pun tak tahu kenapa." Strange. So dear boyfriend, I tried to be their friends but they refused. How? Don't blame me.

Forget about that. This is the best part of our journey. Our next location was my parents' house. Dropped by for our Zohor and had tea with my parents. Mom made jack-fruit fritters.That was his first time having it. He said "Selalu I makan cempedak goreng..ni nangka goreng pulak" Well that's my mom. She can cook whatever she wanted to. And the sweetest moment was when he fell asleep on the sofa, right next to my dad, while watching football. Then my mom woke him up for tea "Zaffan...bangun Zaffan..Minum tea.." Hahahahaa. Damn comel! After having our tea, we "jumped" to our next place, Awe's house.

Awe is his grandma on his mother's side. And Awe already knows my name as soon as I entered the house. She hugged me and she kissed my cheeks. I felt so touched as she makes me feel like I had a grandma again. Thanks Awe for the kueh kasui and lontong..slurrppp!! And we had a hectic photo shoot session. Let's wait for the photos.=) Around 6 p.m. we headed back to KL..Again, Awe hugged and kissed my cheeks. I can feel my eyes was a bit teary as she reminds me of my late grandmothers. I never had a chance to kiss my grandma before she left me. I was too busy with my school at that time. And that's the most regretful thing I made towards my grandma. But yesterday was the sweetest moment I guess. Now I know that I have a grandma back. Thanks Mr. Boyfriend.  

See..We "jumped" to 3 places just in a day. The difference is we "jumped" in his super power Lancer. hihi. Thanks baby for yesterday. I had such a great time!

Hugs and kisses, 

October 16, 2011

Unexpected Saturday

Woke up at 6.30 a.m. as I had my last * read it carefully LAST * Year 5 extra class for this year. Phew~The class was at 9 o'clock but I need to clear my laundry basket and clean my house a little bit here and there.  And the stressful of washing the kitchen rendered me to go out from the house and have fun. Actually I'd been waiting for a VIP "invitation" from my Mr. Right but he just remained silence until..............................I'd made up my mind to hang around with my long *not that long. 4 years actually * lost friends, Ida and Kak Fiena. 

When I texted him, telling him that I wanna park my baby at his place, he asked me why. Then I explained that Ida was from Shah Alam so it's quite far for her to go to Gombak and fetch me there. Nak ke Serdang lagi. Of course jauh kan. I just don't wanna burden her. However, like always, he remained silence. So as I'd parked my baby and jumped into Ida's car, I texted him again. Telling him that my baby was already in front of his house and I was heading to Serdang. He called me and said "ala....baby nak gi Serdang ke? baru ingat nak ajak tengok wayang..." What??? Memang la cliche betul. I was waiting for his date since yesterday tapi the moment I dah naik kereta, baru cakap. So sorry la. No turning back. Besides, books also can make me go insane instead of him.

The journey to the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair was quite adventure. First, we lost our way and nearly made ourselves to Banting. Then Ida took me to a "sightseeing" in Putrajaya. And when we arrived at the destination, rains poured down heavily. When I said heavily, then it's real heavily. So we just stay in the car for a while as Ida said "Pukul 5 nanti tak hujan" and she was right. It's still raining but not that heavily. Boleh la nak jalan kaki ke hall tu kan. Sampai je dalam hall tu I was amazed by all the cheap books!! All of the novels' price start at RM5 to RM8. Even New Moon also 8 bucks. Maunya tak gila kan........Seriously I went insane in that particular hall. Sampai tak tahu nak beli buku apa. Looking at my financial status recently, I have a very limited wherewithal to spend. So must make sure that my spend was still reasonable. What I bought at the fair:

1) Biography of John Lennon. My Mr. Right is so one of his fans. So I thought of buying him this one as his second birthday present. The illustrated biography was so affordable. Usually the price of this kind of book will reached until 80 to maybe 100 bucks. But I bought it for only 20 bucks. Gilaaa. No picture for the book as I'd already gave it to him masa ambil kereta dekat rumah beliau.

2) Shopaholic Takes Manhattan and Shopaholic Ties the Knot. The story of universally beloved shopaholic idol, Becky Bloomwood. Already read the story so many times before but still want to buy it for my collections. Besides, it was only 8 bucks each. =)

3) For One More Day. Like I mentioned before Mitch Albom is one of my favourite author. Been looking for a sale to buy this novel since last year. And yesterday I got it for only 8 bucks. But I couldn't find the rest of his novels. kalau ada, memang dah beli dah buat collection. *phew~nasib baik takde. Kalau tak, dah abes duit I. tett!!

That's it. I couldn't spend more. Have to remember buying my baby Titine's birthday present next week. Haih~ 

Oh, I nearly forgot. Mr. Right bagi I kain ela semalam. So wajib buat lawatan sosial ke tailor Isnin nanti.

He likes it when I wear cotton baju kurung, which explains 80% of my baju kurung collections in my shabby wardrobe are cotton. Cantik sayang. But it's yellow! huuu. I asked him why yellow. And he answered "Biasalah. Bersih 2.0 kan.." Ambik kau. hahahaha. Anyways, thanks sayang. Again and again. Pandai sayang pilih corak kain kan. Hugs!

My Saturday was marvelous. Happy sebab dah lama tak jumpa Kak Fiena and Ida. Happy sebab dapat collection buku. Happy sebab dapat jumpa Mr. Right even only for 10 minutes. Happy dapat collection baju kurung cotton. I'm utterly happy. Dah lama tak borak dengan Kak Fiena and Ida. And thanks Ida for the Satay treat. Next time will treat you and Kak Fiena. =)

Footnote: I better get myself a book shelf.

Hugs and kisses,

October 14, 2011


Okay. I bought a tudung. Tudung yang orang sekarang duk ramai pakai tu...tapi I masih lagi nak mencuba-cuba pakai. Rasa macam muka ni tak berapa sesuai pakai this kind of tudung. Or maybe I rasa tak biasa kot. 

Bila pakai rasa macam lebih tua dari my biological age. 

Nampak tua..haih~ Ok, eyebag macam orang tak tidur 10 tahun. malas nak layan. daa~

Hugs and kisses,

October 13, 2011

Let's crabby party!!!

Date : 07.10.2011
Venue : The best crab restaurant ever..i guess
Victims : Akma, Farah and Hanis.

After struggling with our workloads, me and my friends, Sis Farah, knew that we could do something better to cheer up our hectic day at  school. Certainly not movie or singing our hell out in a karaoke room, but on something that sooner or later will let me died in one of the 7 deadly sins. Haha.

After Zohor, we made our way to Unisel Bestari Jaya to fetch Sis Farah 'lil sis, Hanis. Then our journey to the crab's heaven began. The restaurant was in Kuala Selangor and it was my first time dining-in that restaurant. Damn~it was marvelous! The freshness and tenderness of the crab, the softness of the bread and the tantalizing taste of the dishes made me crazy!!!! It's a soul food! Phew! And hey, it was my first time having prawn mantis. It was superb!!!!

What we had ordered for that day? Ok. Let's see...

1) Ketam masak telur masin.
What to say about this one..erm...Splendid!!! Memang sedap I tell you. Walaupun masak telur masin, but it's not salty at all. Memang sedap. Tak tau nak cakap apa dah..

2) Ketam sweet sour.
Meleleh ayaq liuq wehhhhh....
Tantalizing!!!! We ate this with bread. The bread was marvelous. Memang sangat soft, sangat tasty. We didn't order rice because we knew that we're going to be bloated with crab.Look at the size of the crabs.

Nak makan ketam lagi!!!
Other side dishes we ordered were bread,saute baby kailan and prawn mantis goreng cili. Sedap tak terkata. And the experience nak keluarkan isi ketam pakai penyepit tu memang best! The last kaki ketam barulah dapat keluarkan isi dia macam makan ice-cream. Yummy!!!

 Apa jadi lepas tu??? haha. The whole night I bloated dengan food. 

Thanks to Sis Farah for that unforgettable treat. Must repeat to eat crab again.

I miss Crabby Party!!

Hugs and kisses,


It was Thursday. The day I had to wear batik. And that Thursday was so special as it was my first time I took my pupil to participate in Story telling contest. My 7 years old pupil. The only 7 years old contestant. And we won the 3rd place!!! 

Wait. Boleh tak picture tells you guys everything? Malas la kan nak menaip sebab mata dah berat. Huuu.

That's me with Nasihah. Well I nampak macam sedikit skema di situ. Kat tempat kerja kena sopan kan. Haha.

Hugs and kisses,

October 11, 2011


Well, when you are in the mood of blogging, sometimes you just need few minutes to post an entry. You know what? I really wanna to ramble few things that keep mingling inside my mind right now. How I wish I have times to dance my pretty fingers on my shabby keyboard. Damn! I need 25 hours a day instead of 24!!! Boleh tak macam tu?

I have stacks of workloads that need to be settled within this week. And I miss my family so much right now. Nak balik kampung pun tak de masa...apantah lagi nak update blog. You understand how busy I am? Kalah Perdana Menteri kan? Ok then, I have class after this. Will catch up with you guys later on after this. 

Miss you guys so much! 

Footnote: I think I'm getting stronger la..Thank You Allah.=)

Hugs and kisses,


Hi everyone! Feels like ages since my last update. Now I feel like blogging again. I changed my header, again. It's one of the photos taken from my last photo shoot session. Nice isn't it? I like it very much when it comes to something black and white. Ngee~

Well it seems like I have to change my header again and again, then I can get the mood to blog??

See ya. Got lots of stories to share.

Hugs and kisses,