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August 31, 2010

I owe you.

I'll be posting soon. Real soon. I promise. Things are going ups and downs for me now. But I will settle down as soon as I can. I owe you guys tons of entries...from my fabulous weekend, my wardrobe, my this and my that. So many things to share, too little times.

Hugs and kisses,

August 27, 2010

I like!

Location : My best friend's house.
Status: Runaway

I feel so calm here. Plus, I'm not working today. Yeeha!! However, workloads is kinda suck lately. (Did I said lately? No..I mean since yesterday). I'd only finish marking paper for one class. Still have 3 more to go. Reading all the essays make me crazy!!

Therefore...I think I need something that could make myself back to normal. Maybe a "sightseeing" at Jalan TAR. Muahahahaha....

By the way, that pink handbag had really turned me on! Thanks Dilla for helping me yesterday. suke..suke...mak suke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saya yakin betul....saya kunci bag pink saya!!!!

p/s: First time membeli barang yang bukan authentic.

Hugs and kisses,

August 25, 2010

Shopping tudung?

Seriously tengah meroyan nak pergi shopping tudung kat Jalan TAR. Tapi paycheck akan dapat lagi 3 bulan. Huh~

Think..think..and think..

Yezza! Tengok tu. Dah cukup buat shopping tudung kat Jalan TAR. Dah dapat 2 selendang dah tu. Hihi...

Selamat berbuka puasa semua. Apa juadah anda hari ini?

Hugs and kisses,

August 24, 2010

"Akma, can you teach Year 1 for next year? If you say yes, then I'll send you to this course. I need a teacher with a commitment to teach Year 1. And I need someone who really love children. If you can teach Year 1, that means you are a very good teacher. Beside, I can see the commitment in you. "

And I said yes, I'm willing to!! Whoa..will be teaching Year 1 next year. Might be so tough applying the new KSSR! I need to be prepared. It seems like my school holidays will be occupied with courses. I accept it with an open heart. I love my job! Yezza! Syukur, Alhamdulillah.

Hugs and Kisses,

August 23, 2010


Yes. I am smiling so hard and my eyes are squinting. Because I'll be going, because I'll be going, yes, I'll be going! I am on my tippy toes now.

I'll be going to a place where sky is a blue that can be described as heavenly blue. I'll be going to a place where the grass is a green than can be described as heavenly green. Maybe I'll be going to heaven?

Of course not. Sorry for being delusional for a moment. Actually, I really need a very calm and peaceful place that can took my heart and my breath away. A place that can wipe away my tears that came out from my gloomy eyes, almost every night when I forced myself to sleep. I want to escape myself from this world. Tell me where is the place that can make me feel like I could reach the sky and God will listen to me. A place where I can stand on my own feet, like I'm gutsy and ready to do something brave. On a hot air balloon, maybe?

My heart is going to a place where everything seems to be so calm. My runaway heart.

I need to stop babbling now. I'm working tomorrow. Good night all.

Hugs and kisses,

I am . . . . .

now trying to reorganize myself. Oh, not to forget, also trying hard to make myself happy. Have to forget about something for a while because that something is killing me. That something makes me suffocated. That something makes me crazy!!!!!!!

Oh, this is not about my workloads, or school or anything related to my beloved students. No, not at all. It's about something else. I mean that something.

Dear self, be strong again. I know you're not strong enough, but I know that you can put some efforts to make yourself strong again. Please don't burden yourself with that something..why? because you will end up crying the whole night. Like yesterdays.

Dear self, I promise to bring you back home this weekend. Stop hoping for that moment. He won't even ask you out. Stop hoping. Stop dreaming. Let's go back home and catch up with the family. Okay?

Oh dear self, this is so not you. Please bring me back the strong Akma. Immediately.

Hugs and kisses,

August 22, 2010

Yes, he's not perfect.

But for me he is perfect. He may not be a romantic guy that every girl wish for. He may not be the sweetest guy I've ever met. He may not be a rich guy, driving an expensive car and wearing branded outfit from top to toe. No, he's not. He's just an ordinary guy. But he did steal my heart with his smile and his kindness.

After all , love is not about finding a perfect person. It is about seeing an imperfect person perfectly. Sayang, for me, you will always be the perfect one. I love you and nothing is going to change it. And I will never ask for more than your love, dear.

I hope that Allah will show us the way to the happiness ever after. Amin.

Hugs and kisses,

I feel terrible!

The sounds of rain pouring outside my window had waken me up. A gloomy Sunday morning. I don't hate rain, but rain will always make my mind refuse to stop thinking about him. Oh dear! I feel totally terrible right now. My mind is clouded with thoughts of Ramadan memories which I spent with my beloved family and with my one and only, him. Please be strong, dear self. I know that you can be stronger than ever. 2 more weeks than you'll be off to home sweet home. Just hang on, dear self. Be strong!!!!

But I just couldn't help myself. I miss them so much.

Dear Abah, even though we keep on arguing with each other even for the small things, you know that you will always be my father. I will never forget your sacrifices. I just want you to know that I'm not trying to become a rebellious daughter. No. Never in my life. It just that, sometimes I need you to listen to my opinion. I'm no longer a small girl. I'm a grown up now. I know how to think and I know what's the best for me. But seriously, now...I miss the moments of arguing with you. And I know, whatever it is, you will always bring up the best in me. I love you dad.

Dear Mak, I miss the moments when we were in the kitchen, having fun cooking together. I miss the moments when we were searching for the best recipes in the internet. I miss the moments of sleeping in your arms. I miss the moment of watching t.v. till midnight..talking about my boyfriend. How you adore him, as much as I do..Mak, I miss everything about you. And I love you so much, with all my heart and soul.

Dear brothers, sisters and in-laws, I miss you guys so much. I miss the moments when we were joking and laughing around together. You guys will always be by my side, whenever I'm in trouble. To be exact, financial trouble...well mostly. Ahaks! You guys are the best brothers and sisters in the world. I hope that we could gather together on this coming Aidilfitri. InsyaAllah.

Dear nieces and nephews, you guys are the cutest little creatures on Earth! I miss you guys so much. Fatihah, Alia, Iman, Farisya, Danish, Dania, Wawa, Saifullah, Saifuddin, Khadijah, Qistina and Sufi......wait for me. I'll be back this coming Aidilfitri. You guys please be prepared for that hugging and kissing time. I miss you..all of you!

Dear Mr. Boyfriend, Ouch! I miss you badly. Miss you, miss you and miss you. Miss everything about you. Please come back!! I need you.

And for my BFF babes, guys....let's hang out!!! I miss you guys so much!!

Wait...I could see something! Wow! I see sunshine outside my window! Rain had stop pouring. I just love sunshine! See you later!

Hugs and kisses,

August 20, 2010

Good night all!

Wow! Mr. Times fly faster then I thought. It is already 10th of Ramadan, 20 more days for that day. Alhamdulillah..I hope that you guys put more effort to be the righteous person, Insyaallah.

Indeed time flew very fast. It has been 5 days now and I'm still trying my best to get use with the environment and the school task, plus, to love the school. On the first day, I felt a little bit awkward. This school is totally different with the one where I did my practical. Totally different. Maybe I need more times to settle down. And more strength. Okay..no more story about my work. Or else, I will get a headache.

Hmm....I really need a therapy now. I mean a soul therapy, to be exact S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G!!!!Oh yes, I need a new sandal. A comfort one. Clarks maybe? Crocs? No...not a Crocs. Hush Puppies, maybe? But whatever it is, I need to wait for my first paycheck..which is in three months from now. Haih~ have to suffer for a moment. No shopping for raya..sad..sad...soooo sad!!

By the way, I feel so happy about that thing. Ya Allah, please open his heart and make everything going on smoothly. Next year is just around the corner, by the way...... I hope so. Sayang, you may not be a romantic person. But you ARE romantic in your own way. That's why you are so sweet like a cherry pie, dear!

Okay then..need to go to bed now. I'm working tomorrow...sekolah ganti maaa!!!!!!!!!!! Good night everyone. Take care!

Hugs and kisses,

August 17, 2010


Okay. I lied. There is an entry. Actually I feel like blogging but I don't know which part should I start first. I have so many things inside my mind but I couldn't capture any and eventually I will end up with the same old grandmother reason- BUSY.

Well...should I blog about my work? Hurm...I think not now. Plus, I'm now trying so hard to accept whatever circumstances with an open heart. I'm learning to avoid myself from babbling about something that related to dissatisfaction of my job..Not now.

My love life? Hmm...always sweet like chocolate lor....And I think long-distance relationship is the most sweetest thing in the world. Being apart from each other will make our relationship stronger and stronger. Misunderstanding is just something that spice up our relationship. But what makes me worry now is he's always going for outstation. I'm worried about his safety..Travelling can put your life at risk, you know that? Hopefully Allah will protect him from danger. Amin. Baby...please come back. I miss you.

Hugs and kisses,

Entry seminit.

Hi everyone! How's life? Hopefully you guys are doing fine.

Just want to apologize as there might be no entry for the moment. I'm superb busy. Nanti bila dah ada masa, Cikmai akan update. Promise.

Hugs and kisses,

August 15, 2010


Location : New home sweet home, Bt. 7, Gombak.

On my bed, still trying to close my eyes. And still trying to find my mood. Maybe I left it at my house in my hometown. My heart beat rate increases. Damn nervous for tomorrow. First day in my life as a REAL teacher. HELP?

Hugs and kisses,

August 14, 2010

I'm impressed!

Just now I went to photostate certain documents. While I was waiting for my paper, there was a Chinese woman, came to settle the same business as mine.

Chinese woman : Yang semalam saya photostate, berapa ringgit?
The staff ( Chinese also) : Semua sekali lapan belas ringgit.
Chinese woman : Yang ini boleh tolong photostate tak? Saya sudah tulis muka surat yang perlu di photostate.
The staff : Okay. Boleh. Bila mahu ambil? Petang?
Chinese woman : Kalau boleh siap cepat, petang atau malam ini saya ambil.
The staff : Ok. Terima kasih.

Wow!! They are both Chinese but they communicated in Malay. Plus, in such neighbourhood? Seriously, I was impressed! They are really Malaysian. By the way, bukankah bahasa jiwa bangsa?
I'm impressed!
Hugs and kisses,

August 13, 2010

4 years

Sekali-sekala bagilah can kat Cikmai nak berjiwang-karat sikit..........boleh???????????

Ramadan will always bring back memories of me and him. We have been through Ramadan for four years as lovers. Alhamdulillah. Extended thankful to Allah for the blessings and for the happiness. Syukur.

Dear, I miss the moments of Ramadan when we were in varsity life. We went to bazaar together and sometimes we spent our time during berbuka. U suap I..I suap U..Auwwww~ Sometimes you bought me my favourite kueh which is lengkung merah. Tahu-tahu je kan? Tu yang buat you tersangatlah sweet..Auwwww~(for the second time).

I'm really hoping that this Ramadan, I'll get the opportunity to break the fast with you. And go to bazaar with you. And celebrate Raya with you. Yang..I dah beli baju raya kaler hijau pucuk pisang tau. Sama dengan you..suke..suke..mak suke!!!!!!!!

Dear, you know how much I love you..and it's getting stronger everyday. No matter what will happen, don't worry dear, I'll wait for you. I'll wait for "that" moment. Even though I'm dying for it, but I know that you don't like being pushed. Orang lelaki memang tak suka kalau di push dan di desak. Don't ever give them pressure. Lagipun if kita push or desak mereka, nanti things akan jadi tak ikhlas. Guys will never show it off kat kita yang mereka actually tak bersedia dan tak suka being pushed. Al-maklumlah..nak menjaga hati perempuan yang sensitive ni.. So we as women, should understand them..give them support, not a pressure. So dear...I know that the time will come. I tahu I suka sangat merajuk..biasalah tu..perempuan..Merajuk-rajuk manja gitu...but I do love you, with all my heart and soul. I tunggu you tau. Auwwww~ (for the third time)..Adinda tunggu kekanda...

p/s: Okay..sesiapa yang rasa nak muntah...sila tahan ye..Batal pulak puasa nanti..

Hugs and kisses,

August 11, 2010

I need strength

Welcome back to Ramadan. I hope it's not too late for me to wish all of you Ramadan Al-Mubarak. Let's forgive and forget for the wrong doings. Puasa tak hari ni???Hehe..

Anyways, Ramadan kali ini amat bermakna buat saya. I'll be celebrating Ramadan alone. Hmm..it looks like things have not been easy for me. I still haven't got a house to rent. So many things to buy..maklumlah baru nak hidup. Thanks to my parents and my sister for their support.

My life now starts to change. I thought that I was okay with change. Apparently, I was only okay with some changes. My heart is extremely heavy and refuse to stop crying. I know that this is not the first time I'll be fasting alone..but this time I feel a way different. I don't understand why heart cries out. Why? Why? Maybe because I'll be standing on my own feet. Totally.

Life is hard for me now. Extremely hard. Please God, give me strength.

P/S: Sesiapa yang ada rumah sewa dekat-dekat area SK Sungai Pusu, please roger saya.

Hugs and Kisses,

August 10, 2010


Assalamualaikum.. There is nothing I could say except Alhamdulillah, again and again. To SK Sungai Pusu, Gombak.....I'll be coming to you this Monday. Tungguuuuuuuuuu.............


Oh ya, selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak...Happy fasting everyone.

Hugs and Kisses,

I ♥ them

I feel so lucky as my parents' birthday are both in August. Dad is on 9th and Mom is on 10th. For me, their birthdays are a special time to tell them how much they mean to me (of course I can tell them everyday..but hey I said SPECIAL). I didn't buy them any presents but only a wish and a promised to love them and to give them happiness as long as I'm breathing.

But of course birthday only comes once in a year..How many times dad will turn 66 and mom will turn 57? So my sister and her husband decided to throw a simple birthday bash for them at Nando's Putrajaya and then took them on the cruise. It was fun. hey, nothing is precious in this world than seeing their smiles. Their smile can light up everything!!

Happy birthday Mak and Abah..I love you both so much!!!

Nyawa saye!!

Me and beloved my mom..

Auntie and nieces

And yesterday, we had a simple birthday party at my house. Thanks to my brother and his wife. That cake was scrumptious. I ate 4 slices!!! Ngee~

To mom and dad,

This is my earnest prayer for you. May the love of Allah be with you all day through His endless, boundless grace. May He richly blessed your life with much and much happiness. I hope that you can feel deep in your heart, as your birthdays come and go, how very much you both mean to me. More than you can know. Happy birthday Mak and Abah. Akak loves you so much!!!!!

Hugs and kisses,

August 07, 2010

Congratulations to Salas ♥ Pecha

At last I managed to post this entry as promised!! Hooray! Last week I went to one of my ex-schoolmates wedding reception. It was so happening as majority of SAMURA's were able to make themselves attended..well so do us! I did post the photo of the battalion in my previous entry. Don't want to ramble so much..just let the photos do the talking.


The girls

Kishi, Amad and me

Me and Salam

Kishi and Fida

Us and them

I look at him..

And he looks at me...

Close up..credit to my Mr. Z..

Love this photo..Kishi the Subway's future ambassador..

I didn't realize when he took this..

The boys..


I spent the next day with Gia. Went to Sunway Pyramid and jalan-jalan cari makan at McD..The GCB was scrumptious!!!!! Then went to eat nasi kukus with cik Dila 30 minutes right after that. And I was bloated!! Perut pun dah kenyang, that night me and my BFF, Cik Dilla watched The Proposal..It was my third time watching that movie but I still enjoyed it so much!! I heart that movie.

Again..thanks Cik Dilla for the accommodation and the great day of the gossiping-thingy we spent together..Miss you already.

Congratulations to Salas ♥ Pecha..Wish you guys live happily ever after.

Hugs and Kisses,


Holla!! Just checking my so-called-me. Anyway, I still have one more pending entry. Will blog about it soon. I promised. I'm just so tired. Really need a rest.

Ohh....I really need a massage right now.

Hugs and kisses,

August 05, 2010

Here I come!

Okay..I should post this entry earlier. But I haven't got any times to move my fingers to write about it. I'd already got the result of which state that I'll be posted to. This flag will tell you where I'll be going to...

I bet you know this flag, don't you?

Yup..I'll be posted there. I don't know how I got Selangor, but indeed, I'm grateful. Alhamdulillah. Hopefully I'll get the area near to him. Hopefully. Well....Selangor...here I come!

p/s: I still have 1 pending entry..I'm waiting for the photos. Will write about it as soon as I get the photos.

Hugs and kisses,

Iman's first trip

Well..perhaps this is not going to be a long entry. Every time my fingers touch the keyboard of my dear lappy and start to dance, they loose their steps. I will end up by staring blankly ahead to the lappy's screen. But I still have 2 more pending stories to be written here..so I have to settle down with this one first. As promised.

Last Tuesday I joined my nephew's school trip to Putrajaya and Petrosains. My nephew, Iman was so excited, especially when it came to the bus ride. I've never experienced being a so-called single parent before. Since my sis had to go to the lab on that day, I had no choice but to follow Iman. It was kind of fun actually, plus seeing all the adorable children were having fun with their friends. You know what makes the children adorable? They communicate in English. One of them came to me and said " Wah..Auntie also know English!"..hihi. I could hear them calling me here and there. "Auntie..I want to sit with Iman".."Auntie..I want to hold hand with Iman.." Auntie here and auntie there! OMG!! So cute!!

My little Iman

Do you think that they were really listening to the briefing?

Showing off his excitement

Where's the auntie?

With his best buddy.



Iman with chubby Qistina!

Iman was having his great time on the trip. He was extremely excited! As for the auntie, I was extremely tired! Iman was running here an there, so I had to run also. It was like playing baseball football. But it was fun!

Hugs and kisses,

August 03, 2010

I miss you..I really do..

I'm now laying on my bed, struggling to close my eyes but I couldn't. I just miss you badly.

I miss you. So much...I miss the moment when we were hugging each other every night. You will always be my shoulder to cry on. You wipe my tears for almost every night. You listen to every single things that came out from my mouth, without even try to criticize it..even if I'm wrong.

I'm sorry because I left you. It's out of my intention. I'm really sorry. I just want you to know that I miss you. I couldn't sleep without you. I'll be back soon and we could be together again like always. Please wait for me. Gosh!!If only you knew how much I miss you..and how hard for me to close my eyes without you in my arms?

I miss you my dear Mr. Brownie..Hope to see you soon.

Hugs and kisses,