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August 13, 2010

4 years

Sekali-sekala bagilah can kat Cikmai nak berjiwang-karat sikit..........boleh???????????

Ramadan will always bring back memories of me and him. We have been through Ramadan for four years as lovers. Alhamdulillah. Extended thankful to Allah for the blessings and for the happiness. Syukur.

Dear, I miss the moments of Ramadan when we were in varsity life. We went to bazaar together and sometimes we spent our time during berbuka. U suap I..I suap U..Auwwww~ Sometimes you bought me my favourite kueh which is lengkung merah. Tahu-tahu je kan? Tu yang buat you tersangatlah sweet..Auwwww~(for the second time).

I'm really hoping that this Ramadan, I'll get the opportunity to break the fast with you. And go to bazaar with you. And celebrate Raya with you. Yang..I dah beli baju raya kaler hijau pucuk pisang tau. Sama dengan you..suke..suke..mak suke!!!!!!!!

Dear, you know how much I love you..and it's getting stronger everyday. No matter what will happen, don't worry dear, I'll wait for you. I'll wait for "that" moment. Even though I'm dying for it, but I know that you don't like being pushed. Orang lelaki memang tak suka kalau di push dan di desak. Don't ever give them pressure. Lagipun if kita push or desak mereka, nanti things akan jadi tak ikhlas. Guys will never show it off kat kita yang mereka actually tak bersedia dan tak suka being pushed. Al-maklumlah..nak menjaga hati perempuan yang sensitive ni.. So we as women, should understand them..give them support, not a pressure. So dear...I know that the time will come. I tahu I suka sangat merajuk..biasalah tu..perempuan..Merajuk-rajuk manja gitu...but I do love you, with all my heart and soul. I tunggu you tau. Auwwww~ (for the third time)..Adinda tunggu kekanda...

p/s: Okay..sesiapa yang rasa nak muntah...sila tahan ye..Batal pulak puasa nanti..

Hugs and kisses,

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