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October 29, 2010


It has been days since my last entry. Pardon me. I’m truly busy. And I’m not bluffing.I AM BUSY!! I need to finish marking the exam paper as soon as possible as I need to give the final marks on Tuesday. I have a course again next week. Therefore, there will be no weekend programs unless I manage to finish it by tonight. Help please?

Anyways, I just came back from meeting dating with my new “Seoulmate” at Wangsa Walk. Huh? Seoul? Haha. Now I finally found someone that has lots of things in common. After this, I’m sure we will always hang out together again. And the most important thing is...I feel comfortable with my new “Seoulmate” as we are sharing almost the same things except..............SUSHI!!

Yes my dear, S-U-S-H-I. Those who had been friends with me like ages knew that I don’t eat sushi. I don’t even have intention to eat one. But hey, just now...I went to eat sushi for my lunch with my new “Seoulmate”. Hmm...I think it’s not that bad. I eat a lot! But hey, we both prefer Korean cuisine more rather than Japanese cuisine. And we both think that Japanese cuisine is too healthy. =p. So......Our next station will be...Seoul Garden, movie marathon, shopping and of course, karaoke!!! Yay!!

Cikmai just went nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs and kisses,

October 26, 2010

My Little Titine

Well...after struggling to think a name for my baby, at last I decided to name her "Titine". Lovely isn't it? A sweet name with a French touch, given by my best pal from France, Elsa Peres. Extended gratitude to you,my dear. I like it so much.

"Titine", I promise to take care of you, to love you, and to be with you, always.

A cute name, isn't it?

Bonne nuit!

Hugs and kisses,

Alhamdulillah..I love you baby..

I just couldn't help myself to stop smiling. Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly. Syukur.

Baby, I love you more. Mommy will think a sweet name for you. Because you're my sweet "little daughter", my precious.

Mode: Bersyukur tak terhingga.

Hugs and kisses,

October 25, 2010


You are the most painful thing had ever happened in my entire life. My love is starting to change. It turns out to be a feeling that won't heal my broken heart. It turns out to become "hatred".

And I'm not stupid.

Patience do have limits. And you just gone too far.

I love hate you.

Hugs and kisses,

October 24, 2010

A Gloomy Sunday

It was raining heavily all the way from Melaka to Bangi. Alhamdulillah I arrived home safely. Syukur.

My weekend was superb! I went back home to meet my parents and family. Bestnya dapat peluk and cium mak!!! Bestnya dapat tidur atas katil sendiri yang empuk di dalam bilik yang nyaman. Everything was superb!! Err...everyweek balik kah? Huhu~

Anyways, although today's a gloomy day, but still....it's Sunday. I adore Sunday.

A lot.

Hugs and kisses,

October 22, 2010

I'm sick and tired of this....

Life is like a journey in a roller-coaster. And I think I had messed up with my life for the past few weeks. Even though it was not 100% my fault, but still I had ruined almost everything.

I’m not sure whether I should blog about it or not. I’m sick of hard-time relationship entry or things about “give and take”. But I guess it’s normal as life should have the ups and downs, so do the relationship. It just that I don’t like hate it when the person that I care and love most is trying to hide something from me. A relationship should have no secret la kan?

I have a bad feeling now. My heart keeps on thumping and it’s getting harder and harder every day, especially when I think about that every night “phone call”. It’s kind of weird as it happened almost at the same time every night, right after the moment of saying good night to each other. Hmmm...who could that be? Please Allah, make things clear for me so that I could think positively. Dear self, sabar ya sayang. All I could do is pray to Allah, hopefully He will forgive Mr. Boify if he’s cheating on me. And yes, hopefully Allah will forgive his so called “friend” for the sin that she committed of disturbing other people relationship.

Dear trust, please hang on and don’t go away. I need you badly. Ya Allah, I need strength more strengths. I’m getting weaker and weaker and weaker.......=,(

Hugs and kisses,

October 21, 2010

Sunday's Outing!

Weekends will always be the best day of the week. It’s the time to get away from those hectic 5 mundane days. Agree? Well, I think it’s the best time for us to hang out and spend our precious moments with our family, friends and with that special someone. Last Sunday I had a so-called reunion with my ex-schoolmates at Hannah’s engagement and Amad’s wedding. Congratulations to both of them. Wah...macam seronoklah bukan dah kahwin..tett!!

Pagi-pagi lagi telah struggle drive from Melaka to Gombak. Sampai rumah terus makan ketupat bekalan dari kampung. Sedapnye...wee~~

While waiting for Peah to come and fetch me, I did my laundry and tidy up my room. Then Peah datang, gerak to her house and started our journey with Nuar. Thanks Nuar kasi tumpang kete. Nanti boleh tumpang lagi ye?
Okay, sampai rumah Hannah, orang tengah bincang-bincang tentang itu. Macam tu ek bertunang? Tentang itu ek yang dibincangkan? Never knew that. Selalu tahu sarung cincin je. Hehe. Sorry ye, I don’t have experience. Hehe.

After snap-snap photo here and there with Hannah, we headed straight to NZ, gathered there before we were off to Amad’s wedding. Wah...grand u olz! Mak suke sangat dengan goodies untuk guest. Bekas songket ada dodol kat dalam tu. It really suits with the team : Melayu tradisional. Cantek kot...Songket all over. Wah! I like!
Lepas balik wedding Amad, next station : Wangsa Walk. Karok session la like always. Then lepak-ing kat NZ. Fuh! What a day! But it was so much fun! Jom layan gambar..

Hannah’s engagement.

Amad’s wedding.

p/s: I couldn’t blog any longer as I’m in the middle of the course. So bored!!!=p

Hugs and kisses,

October 20, 2010

Homecoming-Part 2

Siti Fawziah a.k.a Dek Ngah or Angah is one of my cousins from my dad’s side. Hah! Before this I never wrote any entry about my cousin-thingy. Perasan tak? Ye, ye.....saya sombong gitu. Well I admit that Facebook really helps us to reconnect and makes our relationship closer. Before this we (I mean me and my other cousins) were just smiling to each other. Sometimes we were like strangers. Maybe because sebelum ni saya memang jarang berada di rumah or lebih tepat jarang menjenguk saudara mara di kampung except raya time. Bukannya apa, I was away to boarding school since I was 13 until I finished my degree and my teaching training, which is last year. Now dah menetap di Gombak..ntah sampai pencen agaknye...So when I was on my holidays, I would prefer to stay at home, spent my precious moments with my mom, dad and of course, in the kitchen. Jarang la nak keluar rumah. Home is where my heart is.

So back to my topic, Angah’s engagement. Well....I was at her house the night before the event. Tugasan saya ialah membuat bunga rampai. Owh...and I got A+! Halusssss.........haha! Sampai mak andak (one of my aunties) tempah saya untuk buatkan bunga rampai for her wedding..erk??? Mak andak, pak andak nak letak mane nanti? Okay, siapa nak khidmat membuat bunga rampai, boleh contact sy. Trust me..Halusssss....(macam iklan Nescafe tuh...haha)

Okay, semasa hari berlangsungnya majlis, pagi-pagi lagi saya dah ke rumah my auntie. Tugas saya ialah.....menyiapkan hantaran yang tak siap and touch up bilik pengantin. . Mostly orang kedai dah buatkan. Just ade certain barang yang tak buat. Owh....again mendapat pujian...Thanks aunties and cousins. Saya memang suka make things simple sebab for me the simpler, the nicer. Tapi saya masih lagi belajar. Baru nak berkecimpung. Belajar slow-slow ikut kelajuan siput sedut tempang. Choiiii~~~ ade ke?

Hantaran sangat banyak, dah macam kerja kahwin la pulak. Hmm...takpelah...since she is the only daughter in her family, 11 dulang hantaran is not a big deal. It’s just number. What I like most is the ring....Ye you olz. Cincin la nyah. Ape lagi. I heard rumors that the ring costs RM8k. Betul ke??? Aiseh...I olz jelez u olz! haha!

Anyways, tarikh pun dah ditetapkan..Next year wedding plak. So planning dah kena ada. Korang duk sibuk tanye my theme colour, haa...angah dak fikir belum nak theme colour ape??? Papepun, saya doakan kalian tabah menghadapi dugaan. Orang cakap, masa bertunang banyak dugaan. Erm...tapi saya tak tahu la sejauh mana kebenaran fakta tersebut. Anda tahu?

Jom layan photos taken by my nephew, our so-called official family photog. Photos are edited by me. Saya kan editor je...Huahuahua..


Tengok rumah ni teringat arwah nenek....

The bed.....

Penat ke tu??

Dapat pegang cincin...terus segar bijik mata....haha!

Hugs and kisses,

October 18, 2010


Last Friday was a hectic. Going back to my hometown last weekend wasn’t one of my agenda in my packed schedule. If it wasn’t because of my brother needed my help, I would probably miss my cousin’s engagement. Nasib baik balik. Phew~

Masa hari Jumaat tu, I received a call from my brother after school, asking me whether I’m ready or not. I was like...erm...in a doubt. But whatever it is, family is everything. So I said yes. He fetched me and we headed straight to that place to settle down my project first. My little project. I gave them the document that they needed and paid for the booking. I have to book first. Biaselah... cuti sekolah kan ramai yang nak kahwin. Eh? Ada kena mengena ke? Only God knows. Buat masa sekarang...biarlah rahsia. Just wait and see. =)

Then we went to Selayang to pick my brother’s new car. It’s a second hand car, but still a new car for him. Yela...baru beli, kereta baru la kan... First time drive Perdana nyah! Sebab tak biasa with that type of car, saya telah memandu dengan sangat berhemah. I drove from Selayang to R&R USJ. Then tukar kereta sebab my brother nak test power that Perdana. So I drove the huge Pajero sampai Melaka. Bestnye drive kereta besar..Boleh nampak satu alam u olz! Berangan la ko nyah..nak pakai kereta besar macam tu kan.........huh~

I’m happy with my ad hoc homecoming. Ye la....dapat jumpa my parents and family..siapa tak happy oiii.....Okay then. I need to perform my Isyak prayer, then finish my workloads. Then I will blog about that engagement thingy. InsyaAllah.

Hugs and kisses,

October 12, 2010


It seems like I’m getting lazy to update my blog. I can feel that this laziness is crawling inside me lately. I have a dozen of drafts in my inbox, let alone my unfinished workloads. OMG!! Dear self, what happened to you? Maybe I just need a litre of “happy-hormone” from Mr. Boify. This weekend, maybe? Hope so!

Well, as promised, a hangout entry. When? Last Friday lor...and I hope this post is not too late. Ngeee~

The three of us had a great girls-day-out last Friday. The three of us? Who? Owh! Of course the sister with the gorgeous and the cute!

Nabeela the gorgeous one. Ade macam Liyana Jasmay plak adik saya sorang nih..hihi=)

Nadia the cute one. JB's die-hard-fan..sangat serupa muka adik dengan Mr. Boify..=)

Mr. Boify asked me to take a very good care of his lovely sisters. Risau dia..haha! Of course la dear...They’re like my sisters too.

We went for “Jalan-jalan Cari Pasal” at Sunway Pyramid, shoes hunting for Nabeela’s event on Sunday. She got her shoes, then....what else? Makan time!! Adik telah berjaya menghabiskan her meal. Wah!!! Good job adik! Seronok kan? Lagi-lagi bila adik nak stopped by kat one shop just because that shop played a JB’s song. Haha! So cute la adik ni. Lepas ni kite buat JB’s hunting pulak ye? Hihi.

After that, we headed back home and solat Maghrib. Sorry auntie tak dapat join dinner, I had to go back to Gombak since it was already late that time. Maybe next time. And thanks to Achik sebab teman akak balik sampai bus stop. Mengharungi 2 ekor anjing yang menggerunkan. Anda adalah sangat berani ye.

I was...superb tired! But we did have our great time together!

Cuti sekolah kita hangout lagi, okay? InsyaAllah.

Hugs and kisses,

October 11, 2010

The so-called reunion.

Okay let's start with my first pending entry.. Remember that I told you guys that I was out for a course at Port Dickson? So let me blog about it.

I went for a 2 days-1 night course, kursus wajib untuk semua guru DG41 ye. An orientation course. The gist of knowledge that I obtained was not as important as the person whom I met there. Guess who??? 1,2,3...tada!!!!

Kak Piah (in orange shawl) and Ida (in black shawl)..yang dekat tengah tu saye la.....

And guess what?? We stayed in the same apartment! Sleeping on the same bed..can you imagine how hectic we were. Seriously, I miss them so much! Thank god Jabatan Pelajaran Selongor buat Kursus. Rasa macam tak nak balik..Boleh?

Anyways, I'm looking forward to meet you guys again. To Ida: Kite dah add Syed Ahmad Benny the cat. Adalah sangat cool bila seekor kucing ada Facebook account. And to Kak Piah: I have something interesting to share with you. Bilalah dapat share ni??Tak sabar dah...

Okay, I have to plan my lesson for tomorrow. Good night all.

Hugs and kisses,


Lega...akhirnya dapat jugak menjenguk ke blog yang hampir bersawang ni. Owh..before I forgot, phone number tak jadi di tukar. Reason: banyak yang complain. So...stay with this number.

Actually I have so many stories to share with all of you. But I really don't have time right now. Urgh..what a lame reason. Okay..next post will be....erm...kursus hari tu or girls day out?

Okay then. Want to take a nap.

Hugs and kisses,

October 07, 2010

A short notice

Just would like to inform you that I just deactivated my Facebook account, due to some reasons.
And also will probably change my phone number. Already bought the simcard. If at any times, I activate my new number, I'll let you know. But only for my family and my close friends.


October 03, 2010

Next question, please?

There are times when you’re running out of ideas to answer certain questions that would probably wreck your brain. Huh? I mean not when you’re answering question papers during examination...it’s more to spontaneous question.

Let say for example: You had a reunion with your ex-schoolmates. Then you have nobody to accompany you. In other words, you are still single 10 years after school. Hello...S.I.N.G.L.E. And to avoid being humiliated by your cliques, you bring your officemate or best friend or whatever- which you had a crush on him/her- as your date. And when your cliques ask you “So...this is your boyfriend/ girlfriend?” Err....what should you answer? You want to say no, but you can’t. You just can’t. Furthermore, you had a crush on him/her. And you are afraid of being humiliated, remember? And of course you can’t say yes. Later on they’ll find out about it, you’re dead also. So, how to change the topic so that you can avoid being asked with such simple yet complicated to answer?

Well..I think that wasn’t a good example actually. Whatever it is, the main objective is the same: Avoiding a question that I’m not ready to answer it yet. Or maybe I just don’t know how to answer. As people will keep on asking the same question and I’m afraid my boify is also having the same situation like mine now. We were trying hard to make sure that such question won’t be asked for the moment. So...what’s the question??

Kejap..tengok gambar dulu.....

“ Korang bile nak kahwin?” or “When will you guys getting married?”

Urghh....a killer question. Of course la kami nak kahwin you olz! Siape yang tak nak kahwin nyah!!! But not now la. Explanation please!

Reason 1: Not ready?? Technically, of course we are ready- mentally and physically. But in terms of financial-thingy...nope we are not ready yet. I just started working, and still haven’t got my first pay check yet. Encik boify pun baru setahun lebih kerja. So..our first mission : Mengumpul dana.

Reason 2 : Since my boify is the first child in his family, so I always remind him to help his family first, then he can think about me and marriage. I always remind him that family always come first. In fact, he’s the eldest. He should be responsible for his family. Family always come first. Hey...I adore a family man.

Reason 3: Tidak boleh terburu-buru dalam hal ni. He is a very particular guy. I know him so much. Every little thing should be well-planned. Sangat particular. Tak percaya? Try go shopping with him. Then you know. Huuuu~ So..I give him times. Dear, don’t worry, I tetap tunggu you.

Reason 4: Why don’t you go and ask him?

We have our own plan and we should just go with the flow. Pray for us semoga mendapat rezeki yang lebih sikit so that we could fulfill our dream. So...next question, please?

Hugs and kisses,

I just don't want the sequel...

It’s been almost two weeks since I wrapped myself in this paradox of so called triangle love...which I found out that I just making the whole thing to be worst and eventually make me suffered from nothing. It just that my heart malfunction sometimes and if it does, it tends to mess lots of things up.

However, things are better for me us now. Explanation heals everything. No worries. I know whom I should trust more. Yes..MORE.

A couple of days ago, I received a mail from you know who. No offensive, I just want to share. Surprisingly, I smiled as I finished reading the last line of the email. I told you, I’m getting better. Why should I have to make sure that he already erased the bits and pieces - love letters, stuffs and photos- of your memories? Should I ask him to do so? Don’t you think that he will definitely think that I was being a person who meddles or pries into the affairs of others? Was that just a set up so that it will bring crisis between us?

Come on..He needs his privacy. He has the right to keep those memories. People live with memories. And I won’t force him to do this or that. If he wants to keep it, let him be. Guys hate to be forced. As long as he knows the limit, it’s okay for me. When the time has come, he will delete everything. Tak payah nak make sure, okay? What important is he knows the meaning of “letting go”.

Alhamdulillah. I’m extremely happy and grateful with what we’ve got – the love and feelings that we treasure every second, every minute, and every hour...every day. Apparently, the drama had come to its end. I thrilled with the ‘performances’ by the entire ‘casts’ and ‘crews’. The antagonist cast did an amazing job...far exceeding my expectations. I almost lost.

Hope that this drama won’t have the sequel.

Hugs and kisses,

Movie after so long.............

I We just came back from watching movie. Urghhh..It's been quite a long time since our last movie session. Oh, before that we were at Jain's house. Peah was there as well. And she joined us with the movie session. Peah, ko memang drama queen. Feeling habis! Padahal tengok cite Magika je. Did you cry Peah? Did you? Haha!

I should be on my bed now but I couldn't force myself to sleep. I'm still waiting for him to text me and tell me that he already arrived home, SAFELY. I'm getting worried. Hey, it's raining outside. Heavily. Ya Allah, please protect him.

Oh,while we were at Jain's house, there was a toddler. So cute and adorable, I swear! Her name is Zara. And I asked him that I want him to give me a baby just like Zara. And he said..InsyaAllah sayang... of course. And I was like....... macam nak pengsan!! Eh? Motif ko nak pengsan kat rumah orang??Kekdahnye...

Dan ada lagi satu incident di rumah Jain. Jain's nenek suddenly tanya saya dan Mr. Boify, where is our child. Erk..dan saya telah melemparkan senyuman dalam bentuk blur lalu menjawab dengan sopan.. 'Nek, saya belum ada anak. Belum kahwin pun lagi.' Terlalu obvious kah wajah keibuan ku??huahuahua. Lalu nenek Jain menjawab... 'Korang (me and boify) belum kahwin ke? Ingatkan pasangan suami isteri. Mudah-mudahan menjadi.' Owh..tiba-tiba mereka yang berada di sekitar meja makan mendoakan kami. Amin...*suke...suke...mak suke.........*

Hold on..my phone's beeping. Owh, it's a message from him. Dah sampai. Alhamdulillah. Now it's time for me to sleep. Ho yeah!! Good night lovelies.

Hugs and kisses,

October 02, 2010

Hey, It's Saturday....

and shit happens.

Hugs and kisses,

October 01, 2010

An attention seeker?

Some people might think that lately I was being an attention seeker. I guess maybe I was. A little. But did anyone of you ask me why? Did you?

Well..everyone needs attention. We crave for attention from the moment we were born. As a baby who can't speak, we cry to get attention. As toddlers and kids who can't communicate accurately, we moan and whine to get what we call as attention. As teenagers, we break the rules and being rebellions to seek for attention. And as a human being, we need, at least a little attention.

I was nearly lost something that is so damn important in my life. Something that I couldn't live without. I was having quite a hard time in my life a couple of weeks ago. Which I almost give up. Therefore I think the only way to make me feel alive again and able to cope with it was to sit, talk, share and blog about it.

Sometimes I might be using harsh words when I begin to feel angry and showing off my hard-feelings. Oh please. I'm a human being.

Let's forget about a couple of weeks ago. Let's move to now. Yup, now. Now I'm starving. Better off to the kitchen. I need to cuddle my stomach with something scrumptios.

Hugs and kisses,