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October 03, 2010

Next question, please?

There are times when you’re running out of ideas to answer certain questions that would probably wreck your brain. Huh? I mean not when you’re answering question papers during examination...it’s more to spontaneous question.

Let say for example: You had a reunion with your ex-schoolmates. Then you have nobody to accompany you. In other words, you are still single 10 years after school. Hello...S.I.N.G.L.E. And to avoid being humiliated by your cliques, you bring your officemate or best friend or whatever- which you had a crush on him/her- as your date. And when your cliques ask you “So...this is your boyfriend/ girlfriend?” Err....what should you answer? You want to say no, but you can’t. You just can’t. Furthermore, you had a crush on him/her. And you are afraid of being humiliated, remember? And of course you can’t say yes. Later on they’ll find out about it, you’re dead also. So, how to change the topic so that you can avoid being asked with such simple yet complicated to answer?

Well..I think that wasn’t a good example actually. Whatever it is, the main objective is the same: Avoiding a question that I’m not ready to answer it yet. Or maybe I just don’t know how to answer. As people will keep on asking the same question and I’m afraid my boify is also having the same situation like mine now. We were trying hard to make sure that such question won’t be asked for the moment. So...what’s the question??

Kejap..tengok gambar dulu.....

“ Korang bile nak kahwin?” or “When will you guys getting married?”

Urghh....a killer question. Of course la kami nak kahwin you olz! Siape yang tak nak kahwin nyah!!! But not now la. Explanation please!

Reason 1: Not ready?? Technically, of course we are ready- mentally and physically. But in terms of financial-thingy...nope we are not ready yet. I just started working, and still haven’t got my first pay check yet. Encik boify pun baru setahun lebih kerja. So..our first mission : Mengumpul dana.

Reason 2 : Since my boify is the first child in his family, so I always remind him to help his family first, then he can think about me and marriage. I always remind him that family always come first. In fact, he’s the eldest. He should be responsible for his family. Family always come first. Hey...I adore a family man.

Reason 3: Tidak boleh terburu-buru dalam hal ni. He is a very particular guy. I know him so much. Every little thing should be well-planned. Sangat particular. Tak percaya? Try go shopping with him. Then you know. Huuuu~ So..I give him times. Dear, don’t worry, I tetap tunggu you.

Reason 4: Why don’t you go and ask him?

We have our own plan and we should just go with the flow. Pray for us semoga mendapat rezeki yang lebih sikit so that we could fulfill our dream. So...next question, please?

Hugs and kisses,

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