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November 30, 2008


I miss my friends:
  1. Fardilla a.k.a Along
  2. Wawa a.k.a my tongcang
  3. Jo a.k.a The Class-rep..huhu
  4. Ila a.k.a Illagapas (mcm Allagapas la.)
  5. Ana a.k.a Anamalai (Pahit tak pahit)..

I wish we live nearby so that i could see you guys everyday!!Rindu nak hangout dengan korang!

Five pieces

  1. Today is Sunday and i had nothing to do. I'm planning to meet him but then he kept giving me reasons.Seems like he doesn't want to meet me..How sad! Sudah sangat biasa diperlakukan sebegini dan sudah sangat biasa makan hati. Mengapa nasib ku begini??oh..come on..i just have to cheer up!!!
  2. Yesterday went to Port Dickson with my sister's family. It was a holiday budget. But my bro-in-law said, it was just a beginning for true holiday, or should i say it just a warm up. First we dropped by at Teluk Kemang Beach. My sister bought me a very sweet and nice hat. Thanks sis. I just love it! I wore all the time. Plus i wore my big, sunny glasses. Paris Hilton wanna be lah konon-konon..(haha..perasan!)Me, my nieces and my nephew thought that we could spend our time building sand castle as we already had all the tools but then the beach was so damn packed with people. No place to build a sand castle. Therefore we just had something at the stall nearby. We had ice-cream and coconut juice plus mee goreng and burger and some snacks. How refreshing! Then went to Palm Springs Golf and Resort. Spent time there and went back home. So tired.
  3. Last night i was browsing through ronastore, again. It was like hundred of times i browsed that page. Love it sooooo much!!!!It's so awesome! and I'm currently addicted to it. Can't wait to see her new items. Can't wait to go......shopping!!
  4. My skin is in rehab state..haha..Don't get surprise if you see me..It just a normal phenomenon. My skin has to adapt with the new products. I'm currently not using any local skin care products. The product advisor at Skinfood just warn me to stop using that kind of product as it contains acid that can damage my skin if i use it continuously. So thanks to Skinfood. I'm no longer a Natasya user..I'm using Skinfood skincare now. That rice mask and banana yogurt mask are so good. And the bubble facial foam too. I'm gonna buy the moisturizer later.
  5. I'm currently broke. Don't ask me why.

Till then.

November 29, 2008

Is it true??

I just heard a rumor saying that the king of pop, Michael Jackson, had converted to Islam?Is it true?Or am i just not being updated to the latest news?
Hmm...anyway..if he does,that's good..Islam is so beautiful..I'm so grateful that i was born as a Muslim. It just that i don't understand why some people still prejudice with Islam.
Anyway, we have our freedom to choose. The choice is yours, right?
No matter what religious or races are you, we as a human being have to protect our world from pollution. Help to save our planet.Otherwise, our weather will become more and more erotic!!And please stop the war. Let all people live peacefully.Think about our future.
Stop the war and stop the pollution.
Till then~

November 28, 2008

I'm Graduated!

Hari ini baru ada sedikit masa yang terluang untuk saya mencoretkan kenangan saya semasa hari konvokesyen saya pada Isnin yang lepas. Okay..hari Ahad lagi saya sudah ke Shah Alam. Sebabnya tak nak terlambat on the next day as the ceremony started on 7 o'clock. Sesampai di Shah Alam, first i thought nak stay at Kolej, but then Fardilla mempelawa saya tidur bersama dia (sila jangan salah faham dengan ayat tersebut) di rumah sepupu dia. Mula-mula semacam segan dengan family Dilla and rasa bersalah dengan Ben sebab i did say that i want to stay in college..But then at the end, i'm o.k. and having so much fun staying there..In fact, saya tak rasa bersalah pun tak stay kat kolej....Malam tu her boyfriend belanja Fardilla and her family, including me, makan ikan bakar yang sangat banyak!! Sangat kenyang that night. Thanks to Lee.
The next morning, we (me and Fardilla) woke up as early as 6.00 a.m. Then bersiap-siap..Sampai di uitm, terus mengambil tempat beratur dan mendaftar. Then siap-siap pakai jubah and mortarboard..terasa semacam tak percaya saya sudah graduate..The istiadat was not so boring..lagipun time sidang saya berlangsung, graduan takla seramai graduan dari fakulti engineering or accountancy...Faculty hotel and music graduan dia takla ramai sangat..So takla lama sangat menunggu giliran..After habis istiadat, keluar dewan and looked for my family and him. Tapi sebelum tu sempat snap shot beberapa photo dengan classmates. But the photo was taken frantically..so tak tau pakai camera sape..Selepas itu saya terus mencari insan-insan yang saya sayang..of coirse my mom, my dad, my sis and him..Sangat seronok kerana dapat 2 bouquet of flowers and a bouquet of teddy bears and a cute teddy!!Seronok sebabnya both of the flowers were daisies. My favourite flower!!Mereka kan insan-insan yang saya sayang, sudah tentulah tahu bunga kesukaan saya. Kan?Then saya dapat a box of chocolate from him. Saya mencari kawan-kawan saya untuk bergambar tapi semuanya dah lost. Tak jumpa. So i just took some photos with my family here and there. Then my family pun balik. Saya pulak spent my time with him,bergambar satu UiTM. Siap sempat ambil gambar dengan Pak Guard UiTM..haha..And the next day, after ambil gambar di studio photo FSSR, saya pun balik ke Melaka.
Overall, I was so happy and so many unexpected things happened. Dapat banyak daisies, teddy, and choc..And the thing that i will remember most, bila kawan yang kita anggap baik, tak datang konvo kita..In fact, tak wish pun congrats. Teringat time saya bersusah payah untuk dia because i thought we were best friends and she did promise akan datang konvo saya with her sentences "Aku mesti datang konvo ko"..Dusta semata..Anyway, thanks to Awin for her congratulations wish. Even kamu tak dapat datang, saya happy dengan wish kamu. Ingat juga kamu kat saya..Sayang Awin!! and thanks to everyone yang datang and made my day so happy!Thank you so much..Ok..here are some photos on that day.

Me, my mom , my dad and my sis. See all those presents that i got..tak cukup tangan..

Me and him..That yellow daisies tu dari dia..

Ok..nak tengok more pictures..Sila lawat friendster saya. Tapi ada lagi satu camera saya tak transfer gambar lagi..But don't worry, saya akan letakkan as soon as sy dah transfer..Oklah. Till then. Assalamualaikum..

November 27, 2008

Reunion Part 2


Actually this entry is especially for Wawa (terharu tak kamu?)Remember i said that i want to share some photos on my last reunion with my friends?Jadi wawa...ini sajalah gambar yang i ade..hihi..

From left: Me, Ija, Bubub, Wawa, As and Ila..at Pak Li Kopitiam..

We were having lunch at Pak Li after months we didn't see each other..Sangat terkilan tak dapat ikut korang pergi karaoke on the day after graduation day..tak kira, after diz pergi lagi sekali, k?And ada lagi one photo that i would like to share with you..saya sangat suka gambar ni. Me with him..Kampung girl vs Bandar guy..hehe

Me and him

See...saya sangat terserlah kekampungannya kan?with my baju kurung kain cotton..and dia seorang jejaka bandar yang segak bergaya..huhu~Padan tak kami?
Oklah..Till then~

November 23, 2008

Congratulation...but help me!!!!


First of all sorry for the late update of my blog. Too much things to be settled so that i dun have time to online. Really sorry for that.
Secondly i'm in the graduation mood now..wee~tomorrow is my convocation day. i've been waiting for this days for months. I hope that everything will be just fine..let's congratulate me..hehe..Rasa macam tak percaya saya grad on time..and 3 years seems so fast..tak sedar pun dah konvo..wee~anyway, there's something that bother me now..There's red rashes on my face right now..and it's so itchy!! i can't stand it..i don't know why but i think it's maybe because of our weather now has become more erotic plus my skin is so sensitive..or maybe because the silky girl face powder that i'd been using..so now I'm currently using skincare from Skinfood..it's a product from Korea..and for now, my skin is less itchy but still the rashes are still there.What am i going to do?how am i supposed to cover those rashes tomorrow?Tomorrow is my big day!!!!Help me!!!!I want to at least cover those rashes tomorrow..I want to use concealer but recently my skin has become so sensitive and i couldn't use any make up..help me!!!i still only have approximately 16 hours before my convo..Help me!!!!!!

November 18, 2008



I just arrived at Shah Alam yesterday. As usual, i was driving alone. It's not that i don't want to travel by bus, it just that it's more convenience to drive as i can carry all my stuffs. He said that I'm just like a small kids..well i don't really care about that, really..I need my Cookie monster pillow, my blanket and my teddy, Browny..if i don't have one of them, i couldn't sleep!!

Anyway, just took my robe, hood and mortarboard..The feeling of happiness is surrounding me right now..I just can't wait till next week. By the way, i met some of my best friends when taking the robe and everything. We were hugging each other like we didn't seen each others for years. The first person i met was Johan. Then Ila and Wawa..Bubub, Ija and As. My ex-classmates..Oh..it was just so fun!!

Ok..forget about that..I just finished checking my ex-room mate's thesis. She asked for my help to check her sentences and grammar and everything..so i did what i can. As a good friends, we have to help each other, right?I got to go right now. I want to watch him playing tennis. I'll continue later,o.k? Perhaps i will share some of my photos taken today.
Till then~

November 11, 2008

Tak Sabar

I just can't wait to meet him and my best friends!!
7 days to go....

November 09, 2008

My nieces and nephews

Introducing my nieces and nephews:

See those kids in that photo?They are all my lovely nieces and nephews. From left: Iman, Saifullah, Farisha, Alia, Najwa, Fatihah and Danish. This photo was taken on 2nd of Syawal..Cute kan mereka ni? Same like their aunty. Ada lagi 2 orang yang missing in this photo.. They are Saifuddin and Qistina.

That's me and Qistina

This is Saifuddin..Name dia saya yang bagi..He is so cute isn't it?

Comelkan anak-anak saudara saya?Sangat sayang semuanya sekali!!Mereka pun sangat rapat dengan saya. Rindunya!!!

Till then~



This photo was taken from my so-called garden at my home by using my mobile phone. I bought this from a nursery a month ago but i couldn't remember the flower's name. Isn't it so beautiful? the colour of this flower is purple (in this pic it's look like blue isn't it?but it's purple actually).

I am now currently addicted to gardening..Yup! Apart from spending my time at kitchen cooking this and that (well you know, i love cooking), i also love to spend my leisure time at my mom's small garden. It's not that big..well you know, my house isn't that huge..But still, the garden is very nice. It has so many flowers especially roses. My mom adores roses as they are so lovely. Let me share you some other photos from my garden.

Lovely isn't it? From red to pink and white to yellow roses. Actually i don't like roses anyway. But my mom fancies it so much and they are colourful. I love daisy and orchid. Yesterday i nearly bought a daisy at Ikea but my dad didn't allow me to buy it..He said stop wasting your money on plant..=,(

So if you wish to come to my convo, bring me some daisies instead of roses..wee~

Till then~

Help Me!!

I just had a chat with my best pal ever, Elsa from France. We've been friends since we were 14 and we still keep in touch until now. She is going to tie the knot next year on June 2009. I cried when she told me that she's getting married. The tears of happiness!! The best thing was she invited me and that's mean I'M INVITED!!!I'm dying to see her in her wedding dress. I really want to go to her wedding. But the problem is, going to France will cost me a lot of money..so is there anyone that can make my dream come true???This is my chance to meet her..I have been waiting for 8 years for this moment. Please...I'm begging you!!!I'm dying to meet her!!!!

November 08, 2008

I'm Gonna Miss You!!

Yesterday was my last day teaching at SDARY. Everything was too fast. I still remember my first day teaching. SDARY gave me so much memories that i won't forget. The students and the teachers. At SDARY had learn so many things. I made new friends also! One of them is Kak Azimah. She's so kind. And she always bought me bread. Thanks for that!!I won't forget that. Then i met this guy..Mohazil (not a real name,huu~)..He is just like my brother and a good friend plus a good listener too. But he owes me a chocolate. Don't forget that, Mister!
OK..this is my photo with my students class Lower Six Geography.

That's me in soft orange kebaya. I'm too cute to be a teacher, isn't it?huhu~ Anyway size doesn't matter even though it's a challenge for me. Sometimes when i entered class 5PG1, someone wrote on the blackboard "I give my heart to my teacher"..haha..Then if i asked question, they will answer, "Only three words teacher. I love you"..hmm...hello I'm your teacher and I'm 22! you're just 17!!Some of them asked me out for movie but of course i refused. Oh come on...There's no way to tackle a teacher..And on my last day, the students gave me presents. And did those i called 'touchy-feely' things. But somehow, i didn't cry. I did feel sad, but I'm not crying. I'm a tough girl la...huu..Anyway, I'm sure I'm gonna miss you all!!Thanks for everything, guys!
Till then~

Thanks Mitch!!


First of all, thanks to Kak Jee and Cawan for your feedback. Secondly, I'm so sorry because i was busy lately. I had to mark my students' final exam paper. Then i had to key-in mark and do this and do that. Therefore i don't have time for blogging.
Last weekend, i enjoyed myself reading my favourite novel ever, Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. This time it's quite different. I started to learn the values from the novel. Before, i just read it through over and over again, ignoring the abundant of life's values inside the novel..i found that the novel is so interesting (because i do wish i would have a professor like Mitch had)..Now, I'd learn so much from it..so much!!
OK back to my last entry..I did told you about him right? How i wish he could treat me like i treat him? how i wish he could spend his precious moment with me?Well..after reading that novel with UNDERSTANDING (i mean not just read through without nothing), i had learnt about feeling.. The fear of losing him and the feeling of loneliness because he has no time for me as he is so busy right now are just feelings.. Feelings that i have to go through in my life..and I had feel it and i know how was it like.Fine. I just have to step away from it..Just let it go..Like Morrie, the professor said, I had to detach with my feelings..Yes, the detachment of feeling. Anyway, love doesn't need a reason. I love him and that's it. No matter what happened, i will always love him. I can't think that we are same..I mean he's a guy and i'm girl. Guys need some space in their life to be spent with their friends and their work. I know and i'm really sure, deep down inside he really loves me and he's afraid of losing me. Thanks Mitch for sharing your life's lessons with me..I feel so much better now.
Till then~