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November 30, 2008

Five pieces

  1. Today is Sunday and i had nothing to do. I'm planning to meet him but then he kept giving me reasons.Seems like he doesn't want to meet me..How sad! Sudah sangat biasa diperlakukan sebegini dan sudah sangat biasa makan hati. Mengapa nasib ku begini??oh..come on..i just have to cheer up!!!
  2. Yesterday went to Port Dickson with my sister's family. It was a holiday budget. But my bro-in-law said, it was just a beginning for true holiday, or should i say it just a warm up. First we dropped by at Teluk Kemang Beach. My sister bought me a very sweet and nice hat. Thanks sis. I just love it! I wore all the time. Plus i wore my big, sunny glasses. Paris Hilton wanna be lah konon-konon..(haha..perasan!)Me, my nieces and my nephew thought that we could spend our time building sand castle as we already had all the tools but then the beach was so damn packed with people. No place to build a sand castle. Therefore we just had something at the stall nearby. We had ice-cream and coconut juice plus mee goreng and burger and some snacks. How refreshing! Then went to Palm Springs Golf and Resort. Spent time there and went back home. So tired.
  3. Last night i was browsing through ronastore, again. It was like hundred of times i browsed that page. Love it sooooo much!!!!It's so awesome! and I'm currently addicted to it. Can't wait to see her new items. Can't wait to go......shopping!!
  4. My skin is in rehab state..haha..Don't get surprise if you see me..It just a normal phenomenon. My skin has to adapt with the new products. I'm currently not using any local skin care products. The product advisor at Skinfood just warn me to stop using that kind of product as it contains acid that can damage my skin if i use it continuously. So thanks to Skinfood. I'm no longer a Natasya user..I'm using Skinfood skincare now. That rice mask and banana yogurt mask are so good. And the bubble facial foam too. I'm gonna buy the moisturizer later.
  5. I'm currently broke. Don't ask me why.

Till then.

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