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October 31, 2009

Terengganu oh Terengganu!

Last night I went out with few of my friends. We went for a bowling game which unfortunately didn't happen. All the lanes were full and there were other people still waiting for their turn. We were waiting for an hour *I guess* and at last, turned out disappointingly. Poor my friends. Last night was the 4th time they went there and didn't get any chance to play. Then we went for a dinner at Cili Padi.* sambil menonton Nur Kasih. Saya tak follow cerita ni sebab tak suka drama melayu as plotnya sort of like slow. Just wondering kenapa kawan-kawan saya, even the guys, suka sangat tengok cerita ni. hmmmmm..* After finished our meal, we were discussing on where to go next. Haniff wanted to go to Uptown, then we all agreed. So we drove to Uptown and guess what?? Uptown closed!!*damn*

This is Terengganu. This is the reality of Terengganu. No place to hang out, no entertainment. Nothing. *except batik kat Pasar kedai Payang..wee~* Before saya selalu terfikir kenapa even Terengganu is one of the richest states in Malaysia..Tapi at the same time, tahap kemiskinan kat Terengganu pun tinggi juga. In fact masalah sosial pun sama. What I mean is dalam kes penyalahgunaan dadah, Terengganu adalah antara negeri yang mempunyai banyak case dadah. In my point of view, this case happened because kat Terengganu ni kurang entertainment such as cinema, mall and so on and so forth. jadi remaja-remaja kat sini lebih cenderung untuk mengambil dadah sebagai salah satu hiburan mereka. Once a person dah terlibat dengan dadah, masalah lain juga cenderung untuk berlaku. Betul tak? So saya rasa someone should step forward and buat sesuatu bagi mengatasi masalah kat Terengganu ni. Bagi saya, Terengganu ni kalau sekadar nak melawat...oklah kot..Tapi kalau nak tinggal sini..tak mungkin. Okay..Till then~

October 28, 2009

Piece and Pieces

Diam tak diam dah 3 bulan saya di Terengganu. I still remember the first day I came here. I was like so not comfortable and keep on nagging about this and that. All I could think of was home. But after 3 months, Alhamdulillah..I can adapt to the environment. Tapi tak bermakna I love Terengganu so much, okay? Here I had found and learnt so many things. From love to friendship, from heart feeling to appreciate someone, from forgive to forget and so on. I'm so grateful because I'm here. It's true that life in IPG is so damn bored and busy..erm..superb busy, I could say. But there are things that could cheer me up and makes my life so wonderful here. Things that could make me enjoy my life to the fullest. Things that could make me laugh and smile even I'm crying inside.

Makan ICT with PISMP friends. From left Ibzairi, Ridhuan, Ida, Kak Ina, Rachel, Irma, Kak Piah and her so-called brother, Sayed and me (Credit to Faizal for the photo)

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Bila kita jauh dengan keluarga dan kekasih hati, orang yang paling rapat dengan kita ialah kawan. I admit that saya suka menyimpan perasaan dan sangat manja. Saya sebenarnya sangat rindukan my family. Tapi sebab kawan-kawan selalu buat saya ketawa, saya seakan-akan lupa tentang rindu saya. There was a time when I was alone, thinking of my boify with tears running down on my cheek..Tapi sebab kawan-kawan ada untuk buat saya ketawa, I managed to make that feeling hilang sebentar. Thank you friend. Let's cherish every moment that we went through together while we still can. Okaylah mata Akma semacam sudah tak dapat bertahan. mahu tidur sebab esok nak pergi sekolah. Selamat malam semua. Till then.

Is it true..................

that men nowadays can't be trusted easily? Keep on thinking about it but the more I think about it, I'm scared. I really do. Even I knew and I'm sure that he is not that one of a kind, but still anything could happen. Pagi tadi saya mendengar radio, Hot FM cerita tentang kecurangan lelaki. *lebih kurang macam tu lah topik pagi tadi* There was a caller, shared her story which was so terrifying! The story goes like this. This girl kahwin dengan lelaki pilihan hatinya. Mereka sudah bersama or berpacaran selama 6 tahun. Tapi selepas berkahwin 2 bulan, lelaki tersebut menceraikan this girl atas satu sebab yang saya fikir memang salah lelaki tersebut. That man found another girl. Si isteri tahu dan boleh terima pihak ketiga tersebut. Tapi that another girl, tak boleh terima dan akhirnya si suami menceraikan si isteri yang telah dia cintai selama 6 tahun sebab perempuan lain. Usia perkahwinan mereka bertahan cuma 2 bulan sahaja. Is it fair? No it's not. It's is so damn unfair, right?
Sometimes, kita tak boleh la nak menyalahkan lelaki 100% as there are so many bitches out there, ready to seduce our men. How to make those bitches vanished? I'm so damn afraid and scared as I will be posted soon...away from him for at least 5 years. *well doakan kami cepat kahwin,kalau boleh* Actually...I believe in him, I do. Tapi macam mane dengan perempuan-perempuan lain yang sedia nak seduce him? Lelaki kalau dah digoda, akhirnya tumpas juga akhirnya. *mcm dalam cerita drama tu* Harap-harap hubungan kami berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat.
As for you my dear, please don't break my heart and please make me happy till the end of my life. I'm going to pursue my dream and please wait for me. You know that every breath I take, I keep saying your name, I keep on missing you every each day.*because you are the reason that I breathe, sayang* Please be fair and cherish every moment of you and me. We are going to be together, soon...I believe that.
As for you guys, do pray for our happy ending. Bila kita doakan kebahagiaan orang lain, Tuhan akan melipat gandakan kebahagian untuk kita. Jadi..doakan kami. Thanks guys. Till then.

" back to you and me"

Morning Entry

Assalamualaikum semua..

Pagi-pagi lagi sudah post entry. Akma sudah sangat rindu nak berblogging hari-hari. Actually baru je selesai kelas Pendidikan Jasmani (Physical Education). Erm..tidaklah sepenat bermain softball. Tapi petang ni ada olahraga la. Mesti penat dan akan sangat cepat flat seperti last night. Semalam saya tidur cepat, okay? Tersedar pukul 12 lebih sebab blackout dan sangat panas. Jadi Akma tak dapat nak menidurkan diri dengan lena untuk seberapa ketika. Sangat rindu nak tidur kat katil saya di rumah pastu pasang tit tit. Bercakap tentang rumah, saya sudah sangat homesick, tahukah? I miss my family especially mak and abah so much. Miss my nieces and nephews too. Miss my sisters and my brothers and everyone at home!! Terfikir hendak balik ke rumah minggu ni tapi ticket flight nearly RM300. Agak tidak berbaloi rasanya sebab spend the money just like. Better hold first sebab I'm going back this coming school holidays. Yay!!!!!

Erm...okaylah..perut sudah berbunyi. Nak pergi makan sebentar. Continue later. Till then.

October 26, 2009

Expecting the Unexpected

Pagi-pagi lagi sudah mendapat perkhabaran berita yang kurang menggembirakan hati. Puan Rashidah cakap, berkemungkinan besar, KPLI intake Jun 2009 *which mean my batch* will be posted this coming January. Sangat awal lah bukan? Dan kamu semua tahukan kawasan mana yang batch kami akan di postingkan? Puan cakap sebab keadaan yang terdesak di kawasan pedalaman, maka berkemungkinan besar kami akan dipostingkan this January. So that means kami akan praktikal semasa posting dan kami akan dinilai oleh pensyarah Institut Pendidikan Guru yang berdekatan. I don't mind being posted to such area but the problem is it's too early if we are posted this coming January. I'm not ready yet, physically and mentally.
Well..that's life. Life is like a box of chocolate. We never knew what's inside until we open it. Maka, kesimpulannya... we have to expect the unexpected sebab perkara-perkara yang tak disangka ni selalu berlaku dalam hidup kita. Just wish me luck everyone. Till then.

October 25, 2009

Magic Touch

Could someone give me a magic touch to cure my rashes? It's so damn itchy. I'm trying so hard not to scratch that itchy area but I couldn't help it. That is why I said I hate camping because I will definitely get this itchiness and rashes! My face feels like burning now. I need a magic touch. Please!!

See those rashes? Sangat gatal..tahukah?

Love & Friendship

For all this life, I always be thankful for people who always stay with me even if I show them the real me, because I couldn't be someone others perssume or expect me to be. It is really nice to know that all of you are remain while I can just be me.
Saying I love you doesn't only mean loving someone because you like someone, but for friends, it's the way to show concern and how much you care. It's is unfair to think about myself and to love me when I said words that could break your heart. It's just so not fair.
I admit that I have so many stupid mistakes in my life but sometimes I did right was to have you guys as my friends and I definitely don't want to make any stupid mistakes gain of losing people like you guys. I closed my eyes for a moment and tried to visualize how my life would be without friends by my side. Try as might, but I can't. So just hang on in there because I wouldn't know what I'd do without you.
It isn't everyday that I got a chance to say thank you for the friendship. I may not offer the greatest kind, but it is certainly my BEST because you guys are too special to me anyway. Thanks! You guys are already became a big part of my life. Thank you for the time you'd made me complete. I hope you'll always be there.. and I'll cherish what we had FOREVER...
When oceans begin to dry, when love begins to die, when stars begin to fade, I will still be your friend until the end. Thank you guys. Thanks for showing me what love and friendship really mean. Till then. Asslamualaikum.

October 24, 2009

Box of Memories

It's 14 minutes before 11 p.m. now and I'm still searching for info to complete my task. But my brain couldn't collaborate with my eyes and my fingers anymore so I'm thinking to stop for a while so that I could share something with all of you. Oppss!! Before that, sorry because there were no entry for the past few days. I was busy and I just came back from a camping which I hate most. What?? I hate camping. Ask me why? Because camping is just so uncomfortable. I had rashes again on my face, my legs and my hands. Plus, I'd got sunburn on my face too. And the worse part is it takes quite a long time for me to recover. Sigh~
Okay, let's get back to the topic. Recently, so many things, GOOD things happened in my life. Okay...so..I thought to have a box..a huge box which I could keep all those sweet memories between me and him inside it until the day when I tie the knot. I know it's a bit late to do this but better late than never, right? *semacam tiru cerita Stairway to Heaven la pulak kan??*
Last week on Friday I went back just for his convo. I arrived at Subang Airport around 10.30 p.m. *flight delay, as usual* He fetched me and we went straight to RedBox Sunway Pyramid and we had a very great time there, singing until 2.00 a.m. in the morning. That's the first memory that goes inside my box. Anez was waiting for me at her house. *Thanks babe. Sangat menyusahkan you*
The next day, I followed him to Low Yat Plaza. he bought himself a new handphone. I was so damn tired as he was so particular when buying something. We were like tawaf inside the building so many times and I was nearly lost my temper that time. He took so long and I don't have time to shop for his convo. *Geram sangat. Sangat lama okay, sampai saya terlepas nak pergi rumah Azmah. Guys are sometimes selfish jugak. Isn't it?* Then after that he took me to 1Utama and I bought a scarf and a top only. *B la...lama sangat pilih handphone!!* So I consider that won't go inside my box. Huuu~
The next day, he had a photography session with his mates. A pre-convo photo session with professional photographer and a beginner level photographer, me!!! Thanks Mr. Amir for giving me opportunity to use your camera. I just love it so much. erm..the guys really love to pose. I was so damn tired as the photo session started from 10 a.m. and finished at 5.oo p.m. These are some photos that I'd shot.

Dah dah.. tak boleh letak semua. Nanti banyak sangat pulak pic.Huu~ After having a photo session with friends, he had a photo sessions with his family too. we went back and dropped by at saloon as he wanted to cut his hair. And I went to spa to do a treatment. Wee~ Then we went to his house and i was so damn nervous meeting his parents. But luckily, i didn't meet his dad. Yay! Kurang sikit rasa takut sebab before this dah pernah jumpa mama. All his brothers and sisters ada time photo session tu. Hey!!!I'm getting closer with them! They were so nice to me. That will go inside my box!! After taking some pictures, he sent Zariff to bus station and then sent me back home. I was so tired that day, mandi and terus tidur. Then on Monday, saya pagi-pagi lagi sudah bersiap. Mahu ke konvo si dia. Not only him, my friends' convo too. *His friends are my friends too, right?*I followed Anez to her office then he fetched me there. We went to his house sebab saya akan pergi dengan dia, which I thought that kami akan pergi berdua, menaiki kereta MyVi...tapi rupanya pergi bersama semua family dia. Okay.. when I said semua, it means including his dad. Waaaa...sangat la takutnya. Salam his dad and then gerak sama-sama to his convo. Before that we went to Hentian Duta to send Zaffri. I was so quite that time. Takutla. First time jumpa bakal bapa mertua, memangla takut. Huuu~ Tapi..everything went well. So well, actually. I took care of his sisters while his parents were inside the hall. Erm...memang bestla!! Sangat best!! then his dad sent me to the airport. Abah bawak kete sangat laju okay sebab that time dah dekat pukul 7 and my flight was at 8. Thanks abah. His convo memories will go inside my box! Okaylah.. mata sudah sangat tidak boleh bertahan. Need to sleep because I had class tomorrow. Till then.

*B, you look just like your dad.*

October 19, 2009

Congratulations My Dear

Assalamualaikum. I am now at my BFF's office, waiting for him to fetch me. Today is his big day. Yes, BIG DAY. Hey, I'm going to his convocation!!!!! Isn't it great?????I'm so damn happy because he's going to get his degree today. Yesterday was his photography session with his friends. I was there too. The photographers ( Am and Yus) need help too, right? I'm not that professional, but still I am so proud of myself as someone at least trust me to use the camera and be their assistance. Thanks to Mr. Amir. Wee~

So right now I'm waiting for him and I just can't wait to be at his convo. But I'm scared too. Erm...not scared actually. NERVOUS!!! Yes, that is better..nervous! Ask me why?? Because I have to meet his dad!! Last night I went to his house to shoot some pics but unfortunately his dad got some work to do. Then that's why I didn't meet his dad. Only his mama and adik-adik. Damn nervous!!!!

Ok then. Got some work to do. I'll upload photos later. By the way, my skin getting dark again because of yesterday's photo session from 10.30 a.m. to 5.oo p.m. Could you imagine that? Till then.

October 14, 2009


Due to certain circumstances, my blog will be privated for a while..only the chosen one can access my blog. Thank you. :)