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October 30, 2008

No title

It's been a long time since my last update. I'm so damn busy lately. My life turns to be more hectic when it come to the end of the year..I guess every teacher also face the same situation as mine, right? By the way, this is a quick update so i couldn't think of any title for this entry. However i just want to share a story of a girl and i need your opinion on what should that girl do.
Ok..it start with a girl who is so deeply in love with her boyfriend. She will sacrifice everything just to make her boyfriend happy. She doesn't mind spending all her money to buy the latest gadgets for him. She will always find some time to spend with him, no matter how busy she is at that moment. No matter what happen, she will try her best to divide her precious time for him. She will share her feeling, happy or sad, with him. This girl actually had already have feeling for this guy since in high school but she is so shy to let it out as she knew that there is also a girl who was also after him at that time.
The problem is, her boyfriend seems don't care about her feeling..and doesn't know how to make this girl happy. the question is, should this girl continue this relationship or just let time heals everything?
Till then~

October 18, 2008

An accident

Just arrived at Seremban yesterday evening. Lepas sekolah, terus rushing balik rumah kemas-kemas apa yang patut and took a rest for about half an hour and terus drive ke Seremban, alone. At first, the weather was so good, the sky was so beautiful. But then, it turned out to be so bad.. Hujan sangat lebat and i could see nothing. Yesterday was the second time i had to drive dalam hujan yang gila sangat lebat. Luckily saya seorang pemandu yang berhemah (or is it berhemat???i don't know!!)
What i want to share with you is that time saya dah nak sampai ke perhentian Senawang, there was a horrifying accident. I was horrified. Did i ever mention to you that i'm so afraid of accident and car crash???Saya memang sangat takut sebab saya pernah mengalaminya with my dad. And time tu saya sangat bersyukur saya masih hidup. And thanks to seat belt. If i didn't buckle-up at that moment, i probably be dead.
Oh ya, berbalik semula ke accident di highway semalam yang melibatkan an express bus, a lorry, and about three cars if i'm not mistaken. Sangat teruk because that bus dah melintang and blocking our way so everyone had to wait until the police move the bus. Lorry dah terbalik and the cars was badly injured. I just hope that no one died.
Till then~

October 15, 2008



It's been a long time since my last update,right?Reasons why i'm too lazy to update:
  1. I'm busy with my job
  2. My job makes me extra tired
  3. There's no telephone in my house meaning that no fixed line. So, no internet. Semua orang sudah pakai handphonelah..
  4. Internet connection yang kurang mantap di kawasan kampung..haih~
Puas hati?huu..Tadi after finished teaching, saya teringatkan my friends. Wonder how they are right now..I really want to hang out with them and spend our money for shopping, movies and food, like we always did back in college. But do they also thinking of me when i was thinking about them? No one knows. I miss them so much!!

See...Merekalah insan-insan yang saya rindui..From left Ila, Dilla, Me, Wawa and Ana. Gambar ni was taken time Part 6 during MPG party at Sheraton Subang..
Message for all the girls in that photo : Korang!!!!!Datanglah raya my house!!!!!!

Till Then~

October 05, 2008

It's Complicated!!!

This is my second post for today. I just can't start blogging because if i did, i just can't stop. My life is getting better, i guess. I have a job (even it's temporary, but i'm glad) and my relationship is getting better too. Weird isn't it? I just confessed that i hate guys but then i've a guy in my life, again. It's complicated! Have you ever heard a song by Stacie Orrico entitled Stuck?it sounds like this "I hate you but i love you, i can't stop thinking of you..and it's true,i'm stuck on you"..that's my situation right now.
I just broke up with him last two weeks because one reason that i think i shouold get mad about it. And i started to remember all those things that i did just to get his love. Albeit i got nothing but i still dying for his love (sounds so jiwang, is it?). Well that's me. I'll do anything for him. In return, i just want him to love me as much as i do love him. Is it too difficult not to hurt me? And that's why i broke up with him. This isn't the first time i decided to break up with him after all. But somehow......i can't...He always win..Hmmm...maybe this is my destiny..maybe dah memang jodoh saya dengan dia kot. Gaduh macam mana pun, bertekak macam mana pun, break macam mana pun, at the end back together again. Kalau dah jodoh kan? hmm...life is just complicated..
Ok then..

It's Hari Raya

Sudah hampir dua minggu tidak berblog..maklumlah saya sangat busy dengan kerja sampai i have no time untuk berblogging.As usual, everything is fine...just fine!I guess you know what it means. And i wanna wish you Selamat Hari Raya.Maaf Zahir & Batin. I just love hari raya so much. This raya saya celebrate dengan family. Tak balik ke Kelantan pun. Family pun dah makin membesar, so makin meriah lah. Meriah dengan hiruk pikuk kanak-kanak yang sangat ramai di rumah.Tapi kebisingan tu lah yang menjadikan raya so much fun than before. Tengok my nieces and nephews bersiap untuk raya and pakai baju raya yang sangat comel and adorable..waa...so cute!!Bangun tidur je dah salam saya and cakap nak duit raya. Seronok kan?And one of my niece cakap "Selamat Hari Kaya" not Selamat Hari Raya. haha.

When i was younger, raya is much more fun but i didn't know the true meaning of raya at that moment. Yang jadi seronok are the cookies and of course duit raya. Seronok betul zaman remaja (lebih tepat zaman belajar) sebab dapat a lot of duit raya. Now saham pun dah turun, alasan saya dah bekerja.Tapi gaji still belum masuk lagi la. Baru je start kerja tahu tak?
Baju raya saya pun tahun ni tak banyak. Takde lah dapat pakai sampai sepuluh hari raya.huuu.But then one of my baju raya tak muat. Too big for me lah. Dah la kebaya. Nampak sangat lah saya ni dah kurus dek kerana tekanan.

Anyway, when we talk about raya, it's not Gambar raya saya about the food, the clothes and the duit raya. But it's about forgiving each other. Right?Belum di transfer lagi. Nanti bila dah transfer, i'll share it with you, ok?
Oklah got something to be settled up. I'll continue later,k?Till then~