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October 18, 2008

An accident

Just arrived at Seremban yesterday evening. Lepas sekolah, terus rushing balik rumah kemas-kemas apa yang patut and took a rest for about half an hour and terus drive ke Seremban, alone. At first, the weather was so good, the sky was so beautiful. But then, it turned out to be so bad.. Hujan sangat lebat and i could see nothing. Yesterday was the second time i had to drive dalam hujan yang gila sangat lebat. Luckily saya seorang pemandu yang berhemah (or is it berhemat???i don't know!!)
What i want to share with you is that time saya dah nak sampai ke perhentian Senawang, there was a horrifying accident. I was horrified. Did i ever mention to you that i'm so afraid of accident and car crash???Saya memang sangat takut sebab saya pernah mengalaminya with my dad. And time tu saya sangat bersyukur saya masih hidup. And thanks to seat belt. If i didn't buckle-up at that moment, i probably be dead.
Oh ya, berbalik semula ke accident di highway semalam yang melibatkan an express bus, a lorry, and about three cars if i'm not mistaken. Sangat teruk because that bus dah melintang and blocking our way so everyone had to wait until the police move the bus. Lorry dah terbalik and the cars was badly injured. I just hope that no one died.
Till then~

2 babbles:

kak jee said...

just browsing by.interesting blog you have here.well,it is not a suprise since you're a beautiful and interesting young girl yourself.i'm sure many happy days to come for u in future.I hope u don't mind me of being nosey,just can't stop wondering... u ni ada mix blood ke? you do have the chinese look.Your father's name is not a typical malay name right?what's your mum's name? hope i don't offend you or anything like that ..well curiousity kills the cat.take care..continue blogging!

akmar said...

hi kak jee..so this is ur question. erm..ok..where should i start answering ur question?erm..my ancestors, long long time ago, on my father's side are from Bugis. so that is why my dad's name isn't a typical name. and my late grandma which from my mother's side had chinese blood. her parent were chinese, but i'm not sure whether her mom or dad. my mom's name majenah and she's kelantanese..btw, i never knew that i had a chinese look.you are the first person told me that.anyway, thanks kak jee.