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October 30, 2008

No title

It's been a long time since my last update. I'm so damn busy lately. My life turns to be more hectic when it come to the end of the year..I guess every teacher also face the same situation as mine, right? By the way, this is a quick update so i couldn't think of any title for this entry. However i just want to share a story of a girl and i need your opinion on what should that girl do.
Ok..it start with a girl who is so deeply in love with her boyfriend. She will sacrifice everything just to make her boyfriend happy. She doesn't mind spending all her money to buy the latest gadgets for him. She will always find some time to spend with him, no matter how busy she is at that moment. No matter what happen, she will try her best to divide her precious time for him. She will share her feeling, happy or sad, with him. This girl actually had already have feeling for this guy since in high school but she is so shy to let it out as she knew that there is also a girl who was also after him at that time.
The problem is, her boyfriend seems don't care about her feeling..and doesn't know how to make this girl happy. the question is, should this girl continue this relationship or just let time heals everything?
Till then~

2 babbles:

kak jee said...

This is love, ada ups and downs. Stay on, enjoy your time when u are with him but when he is away, just enjoy your self without him.Guys need their space at time.It doesn't mean that he takes u for granted. From high school, means that it is strong love.Don't waste it... by the way you x jawap pun my question,kecik hati i.hehe. Take care

akmar said...

thanks kak jee..i just need to detach with the feeling of fear and loneliness..feel it and let it go..anyway, thanks so much..erm..what question did u ask me?