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May 28, 2009

Sesuai ke??

I just purchased a new handphone. It's a LG KS360. Never used any LG phone before. It's a Korean phone so I guess it's a quality one. Most of Korean gadgets are very quality. For instance my mom's previous washing machine was made from Korea and we used it for 10 years!

Ok..back to my phone. I bought it in blue colour. Ask me why? Cause i want to make some changes in my life. Asyik beli phone kaler pink je kan..so tukar pulak,try a blue one. It's not quite bad actually. I still have my previous phone and I don't have any intention to sell it. I love that phone so damn much. I love Pinky more than I love my new handphone. I just don't know kenapa daku membeli handphone baru sedangkan handphone daku masih tersangat ok lagi kerana saya sangat cermat dalam hal menjaga handphone. Huhu~ Maybe sebab nak padankan dengan baju kurung yang saya nak pakai time wedding Wani nanti kot..

So now...I'm trying to find the best name for my phone. I thought to name it "Bluey"..can or not?
Anyways..I'd already had a new phone so no more SE W380i..dah boleh padam that wishlist.

I'm trying to love this phone...

May 21, 2009


I just finished my KPLI interview and I'm so relief!!!! Although I'm not that confident with my essay writing but still I'm hoping that I will pass it. The essay was quite tough because the topic is about corruptions!!! I hate it. So...mengarut je la kan. Apa lagi yang boleh saya lakukan? wee~
I'm now missing someone so much. Guess who? Of course him!! I haven't seen him for nearly a month. I just can't stand it. Rindu sangat. So I'm planning to go for Wani's wedding so that I could meet him. Wani is one of our classmates back in SAMURA. I'm so jealous with her!! Ask me why? Of course I want to get married also. Bila dah kahwin, boleh tinggal together. So I could see his face everyday. Maka berkuranglah rasa rindu di hati. Right? But getting married is not that easy. There are lots of thing to be considered. Life after married is more important and we have to be very well-prepared. But somehow, for me I think that marriage makes people become mature. Kenapa ya? Well sebab dengan perkahwinan, kita dapat mengubah diri kita dari tidak berapa matang menjadi sangat matang because of the responsibilities that we have. Those responsibilities akan membuatkan kita berfikir sebelum bertindak dan sekaligus membuatkan kita semakin matang. So, actually ada pros and contras of getting married early. It depends on the indivual itself. But for me, I don't mind getting married early sebab saya rasa saya dah cukup bersedia. Maybe sebab saya perempuan and that's why I don't mind sebab my husband yang akan tanggung saya kelak. Right? Lagipun bagi saya perkahwinan akan membuatkan saya lebih matang. So boify get ready cause I'm a shopaholic!!:-p

Anyways tadi at the end of my individual interview slot, the interviewers asked me one question.

"Adakah anda merancang untuk berkahwin dalam masa yang terdekat ini?"

Me: No sir.
"Are you sure?"
Me: Yes sir.

Duh...really????mula ragu-ragu dengan jawapan sendiri. Till then~

May 18, 2009

Hotelier or Teacher?

I just finisheed my hotel familiarization training today. I thought it would be boring but it turned out to be so much fun!!!!Sangat happy dan bergelak tawa. Thanks to this orientation sebab at last saya dapat kenal dengan orang yang kaki shopping macam I. Huu..At least she knows apa itu brand XOXO, NineWest, Victoria Secret, Kathy Van Zeeland,Jimmy Choo,etc..Now dah dapat kawan yang sekapala gitu. Haha. Well overall, working in a 5-stars hotel is not easy as I thought. it's not like any other hotel. I have to be very particular even on small thing. Sehelai rambut boleh jadi isu yang sangat besar. Tapi I love my job now. I really do. Now semacam in doubt. Me as a hotelier or a teacher? Hmm....I better think about it carefully cause the interview is just around the corner.
Oklah saya sudah penat nak tulis panjang-panjang. Esok saya kerja petang. Jadi semacam tak sempat nak update. Till then~

May 17, 2009


It's been a long time since my last entry. Sorry guys..I'm quite busy working, or should I say superb busy. Working at hotel line means no break. I miss my weekends. I really do. I have no weekends ever since I've been working. If I have to work on morning shift, I have to go out for work as early as 6 a.m. Can you imagine? But it's okay. I'm now starting to love my job. Now I'm the only female staff at my department cause the other one is on her 2 months maternity leaves. All the abang-abang are so kind..huuu~They all call me "adik" except for the manager,he calls me darling. So special isn't it? So far i love my job. Meeting the guest and now I'm in the process of knowing all the members. They are all nice especially the two Australian guys. There was a time one of the members brought me a plastic full of curry puff for my breakfast, almost 2 dozens!! He's so kind. Some of them want to treat me for dinner and a movie. And one time when i was thinking of having a nice slice of cake, later one guest gave me a slice of yummy chocolate cake!!How'd they know about it?And tomorrow suppose to be my off day but I will be working cause I have an orientation for hotel familiarization. It must be so bored, i guess.
Anyways..I passed the MTeST (Malaysia Teacher Selection Test)!!Yahoo!!!! And my interview is on this coming Thursday. Please pray for my success cause I love teaching so much!!
Well got to go then~Assalamualaikum.