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November 08, 2008

Thanks Mitch!!


First of all, thanks to Kak Jee and Cawan for your feedback. Secondly, I'm so sorry because i was busy lately. I had to mark my students' final exam paper. Then i had to key-in mark and do this and do that. Therefore i don't have time for blogging.
Last weekend, i enjoyed myself reading my favourite novel ever, Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. This time it's quite different. I started to learn the values from the novel. Before, i just read it through over and over again, ignoring the abundant of life's values inside the novel..i found that the novel is so interesting (because i do wish i would have a professor like Mitch had)..Now, I'd learn so much from it..so much!!
OK back to my last entry..I did told you about him right? How i wish he could treat me like i treat him? how i wish he could spend his precious moment with me?Well..after reading that novel with UNDERSTANDING (i mean not just read through without nothing), i had learnt about feeling.. The fear of losing him and the feeling of loneliness because he has no time for me as he is so busy right now are just feelings.. Feelings that i have to go through in my life..and I had feel it and i know how was it like.Fine. I just have to step away from it..Just let it go..Like Morrie, the professor said, I had to detach with my feelings..Yes, the detachment of feeling. Anyway, love doesn't need a reason. I love him and that's it. No matter what happened, i will always love him. I can't think that we are same..I mean he's a guy and i'm girl. Guys need some space in their life to be spent with their friends and their work. I know and i'm really sure, deep down inside he really loves me and he's afraid of losing me. Thanks Mitch for sharing your life's lessons with me..I feel so much better now.
Till then~

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