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November 08, 2008

I'm Gonna Miss You!!

Yesterday was my last day teaching at SDARY. Everything was too fast. I still remember my first day teaching. SDARY gave me so much memories that i won't forget. The students and the teachers. At SDARY had learn so many things. I made new friends also! One of them is Kak Azimah. She's so kind. And she always bought me bread. Thanks for that!!I won't forget that. Then i met this guy..Mohazil (not a real name,huu~)..He is just like my brother and a good friend plus a good listener too. But he owes me a chocolate. Don't forget that, Mister!
OK..this is my photo with my students class Lower Six Geography.

That's me in soft orange kebaya. I'm too cute to be a teacher, isn't it?huhu~ Anyway size doesn't matter even though it's a challenge for me. Sometimes when i entered class 5PG1, someone wrote on the blackboard "I give my heart to my teacher"..haha..Then if i asked question, they will answer, "Only three words teacher. I love you"..hmm...hello I'm your teacher and I'm 22! you're just 17!!Some of them asked me out for movie but of course i refused. Oh come on...There's no way to tackle a teacher..And on my last day, the students gave me presents. And did those i called 'touchy-feely' things. But somehow, i didn't cry. I did feel sad, but I'm not crying. I'm a tough girl la...huu..Anyway, I'm sure I'm gonna miss you all!!Thanks for everything, guys!
Till then~

2 babbles:

KhaLifah feDi said...

hai..leh kirim slam kat cikgu tue..
oh yer klu free see my blogs ok..dh



akmar said...

that teacher says waalaikummussalam