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October 25, 2009

Magic Touch

Could someone give me a magic touch to cure my rashes? It's so damn itchy. I'm trying so hard not to scratch that itchy area but I couldn't help it. That is why I said I hate camping because I will definitely get this itchiness and rashes! My face feels like burning now. I need a magic touch. Please!!

See those rashes? Sangat gatal..tahukah?

5 babbles:

pphoenix said...

i suggest u put a huuuugee dab of lotion on it
am always doing so when i got some

Akmar said...

does it work?

pphoenix said...

at least it won't be itchy anymore

Fardilla Fawzi said...

Suh Kunk bagi magic touch..confirm ilang kot..huuuuhu

Akmar said...

pphoenix: can it be applied on my face too?
dilla: kalau kunk bagi...confirm baik!!!