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October 24, 2009

Box of Memories

It's 14 minutes before 11 p.m. now and I'm still searching for info to complete my task. But my brain couldn't collaborate with my eyes and my fingers anymore so I'm thinking to stop for a while so that I could share something with all of you. Oppss!! Before that, sorry because there were no entry for the past few days. I was busy and I just came back from a camping which I hate most. What?? I hate camping. Ask me why? Because camping is just so uncomfortable. I had rashes again on my face, my legs and my hands. Plus, I'd got sunburn on my face too. And the worse part is it takes quite a long time for me to recover. Sigh~
Okay, let's get back to the topic. Recently, so many things, GOOD things happened in my life. Okay...so..I thought to have a box..a huge box which I could keep all those sweet memories between me and him inside it until the day when I tie the knot. I know it's a bit late to do this but better late than never, right? *semacam tiru cerita Stairway to Heaven la pulak kan??*
Last week on Friday I went back just for his convo. I arrived at Subang Airport around 10.30 p.m. *flight delay, as usual* He fetched me and we went straight to RedBox Sunway Pyramid and we had a very great time there, singing until 2.00 a.m. in the morning. That's the first memory that goes inside my box. Anez was waiting for me at her house. *Thanks babe. Sangat menyusahkan you*
The next day, I followed him to Low Yat Plaza. he bought himself a new handphone. I was so damn tired as he was so particular when buying something. We were like tawaf inside the building so many times and I was nearly lost my temper that time. He took so long and I don't have time to shop for his convo. *Geram sangat. Sangat lama okay, sampai saya terlepas nak pergi rumah Azmah. Guys are sometimes selfish jugak. Isn't it?* Then after that he took me to 1Utama and I bought a scarf and a top only. *B la...lama sangat pilih handphone!!* So I consider that won't go inside my box. Huuu~
The next day, he had a photography session with his mates. A pre-convo photo session with professional photographer and a beginner level photographer, me!!! Thanks Mr. Amir for giving me opportunity to use your camera. I just love it so much. erm..the guys really love to pose. I was so damn tired as the photo session started from 10 a.m. and finished at 5.oo p.m. These are some photos that I'd shot.

Dah dah.. tak boleh letak semua. Nanti banyak sangat pulak pic.Huu~ After having a photo session with friends, he had a photo sessions with his family too. we went back and dropped by at saloon as he wanted to cut his hair. And I went to spa to do a treatment. Wee~ Then we went to his house and i was so damn nervous meeting his parents. But luckily, i didn't meet his dad. Yay! Kurang sikit rasa takut sebab before this dah pernah jumpa mama. All his brothers and sisters ada time photo session tu. Hey!!!I'm getting closer with them! They were so nice to me. That will go inside my box!! After taking some pictures, he sent Zariff to bus station and then sent me back home. I was so tired that day, mandi and terus tidur. Then on Monday, saya pagi-pagi lagi sudah bersiap. Mahu ke konvo si dia. Not only him, my friends' convo too. *His friends are my friends too, right?*I followed Anez to her office then he fetched me there. We went to his house sebab saya akan pergi dengan dia, which I thought that kami akan pergi berdua, menaiki kereta MyVi...tapi rupanya pergi bersama semua family dia. Okay.. when I said semua, it means including his dad. Waaaa...sangat la takutnya. Salam his dad and then gerak sama-sama to his convo. Before that we went to Hentian Duta to send Zaffri. I was so quite that time. Takutla. First time jumpa bakal bapa mertua, memangla takut. Huuu~ Tapi..everything went well. So well, actually. I took care of his sisters while his parents were inside the hall. Erm...memang bestla!! Sangat best!! then his dad sent me to the airport. Abah bawak kete sangat laju okay sebab that time dah dekat pukul 7 and my flight was at 8. Thanks abah. His convo memories will go inside my box! Okaylah.. mata sudah sangat tidak boleh bertahan. Need to sleep because I had class tomorrow. Till then.

*B, you look just like your dad.*

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