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October 28, 2009

Piece and Pieces

Diam tak diam dah 3 bulan saya di Terengganu. I still remember the first day I came here. I was like so not comfortable and keep on nagging about this and that. All I could think of was home. But after 3 months, Alhamdulillah..I can adapt to the environment. Tapi tak bermakna I love Terengganu so much, okay? Here I had found and learnt so many things. From love to friendship, from heart feeling to appreciate someone, from forgive to forget and so on. I'm so grateful because I'm here. It's true that life in IPG is so damn bored and busy..erm..superb busy, I could say. But there are things that could cheer me up and makes my life so wonderful here. Things that could make me enjoy my life to the fullest. Things that could make me laugh and smile even I'm crying inside.

Makan ICT with PISMP friends. From left Ibzairi, Ridhuan, Ida, Kak Ina, Rachel, Irma, Kak Piah and her so-called brother, Sayed and me (Credit to Faizal for the photo)

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Bila kita jauh dengan keluarga dan kekasih hati, orang yang paling rapat dengan kita ialah kawan. I admit that saya suka menyimpan perasaan dan sangat manja. Saya sebenarnya sangat rindukan my family. Tapi sebab kawan-kawan selalu buat saya ketawa, saya seakan-akan lupa tentang rindu saya. There was a time when I was alone, thinking of my boify with tears running down on my cheek..Tapi sebab kawan-kawan ada untuk buat saya ketawa, I managed to make that feeling hilang sebentar. Thank you friend. Let's cherish every moment that we went through together while we still can. Okaylah mata Akma semacam sudah tak dapat bertahan. mahu tidur sebab esok nak pergi sekolah. Selamat malam semua. Till then.

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