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November 29, 2008

Is it true??

I just heard a rumor saying that the king of pop, Michael Jackson, had converted to Islam?Is it true?Or am i just not being updated to the latest news?
Hmm...anyway..if he does,that's good..Islam is so beautiful..I'm so grateful that i was born as a Muslim. It just that i don't understand why some people still prejudice with Islam.
Anyway, we have our freedom to choose. The choice is yours, right?
No matter what religious or races are you, we as a human being have to protect our world from pollution. Help to save our planet.Otherwise, our weather will become more and more erotic!!And please stop the war. Let all people live peacefully.Think about our future.
Stop the war and stop the pollution.
Till then~

2 babbles:

WaWa said...

dear...Jacko (now Mikaeel)is now a Muslim..its like yesterday's news already lor.. Kalu x silap ade adik beradik die yg dh convert years ago.btw..hopefully ppl x kaitkan ape2 prangai x baik die dgn Islam.

akmar said...

owh..bkn tu...maksud aku ade org barat yang still berpandangan tak baik dgn Islam..u know..after September 11...