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October 29, 2010


It has been days since my last entry. Pardon me. I’m truly busy. And I’m not bluffing.I AM BUSY!! I need to finish marking the exam paper as soon as possible as I need to give the final marks on Tuesday. I have a course again next week. Therefore, there will be no weekend programs unless I manage to finish it by tonight. Help please?

Anyways, I just came back from meeting dating with my new “Seoulmate” at Wangsa Walk. Huh? Seoul? Haha. Now I finally found someone that has lots of things in common. After this, I’m sure we will always hang out together again. And the most important thing is...I feel comfortable with my new “Seoulmate” as we are sharing almost the same things except..............SUSHI!!

Yes my dear, S-U-S-H-I. Those who had been friends with me like ages knew that I don’t eat sushi. I don’t even have intention to eat one. But hey, just now...I went to eat sushi for my lunch with my new “Seoulmate”. Hmm...I think it’s not that bad. I eat a lot! But hey, we both prefer Korean cuisine more rather than Japanese cuisine. And we both think that Japanese cuisine is too healthy. =p. So......Our next station will be...Seoul Garden, movie marathon, shopping and of course, karaoke!!! Yay!!

Cikmai just went nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs and kisses,

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