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October 12, 2010


It seems like I’m getting lazy to update my blog. I can feel that this laziness is crawling inside me lately. I have a dozen of drafts in my inbox, let alone my unfinished workloads. OMG!! Dear self, what happened to you? Maybe I just need a litre of “happy-hormone” from Mr. Boify. This weekend, maybe? Hope so!

Well, as promised, a hangout entry. When? Last Friday lor...and I hope this post is not too late. Ngeee~

The three of us had a great girls-day-out last Friday. The three of us? Who? Owh! Of course the sister with the gorgeous and the cute!

Nabeela the gorgeous one. Ade macam Liyana Jasmay plak adik saya sorang nih..hihi=)

Nadia the cute one. JB's die-hard-fan..sangat serupa muka adik dengan Mr. Boify..=)

Mr. Boify asked me to take a very good care of his lovely sisters. Risau dia..haha! Of course la dear...They’re like my sisters too.

We went for “Jalan-jalan Cari Pasal” at Sunway Pyramid, shoes hunting for Nabeela’s event on Sunday. She got her shoes, then....what else? Makan time!! Adik telah berjaya menghabiskan her meal. Wah!!! Good job adik! Seronok kan? Lagi-lagi bila adik nak stopped by kat one shop just because that shop played a JB’s song. Haha! So cute la adik ni. Lepas ni kite buat JB’s hunting pulak ye? Hihi.

After that, we headed back home and solat Maghrib. Sorry auntie tak dapat join dinner, I had to go back to Gombak since it was already late that time. Maybe next time. And thanks to Achik sebab teman akak balik sampai bus stop. Mengharungi 2 ekor anjing yang menggerunkan. Anda adalah sangat berani ye.

I was...superb tired! But we did have our great time together!

Cuti sekolah kita hangout lagi, okay? InsyaAllah.

Hugs and kisses,

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