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October 11, 2010

The so-called reunion.

Okay let's start with my first pending entry.. Remember that I told you guys that I was out for a course at Port Dickson? So let me blog about it.

I went for a 2 days-1 night course, kursus wajib untuk semua guru DG41 ye. An orientation course. The gist of knowledge that I obtained was not as important as the person whom I met there. Guess who??? 1,2,3...tada!!!!

Kak Piah (in orange shawl) and Ida (in black shawl)..yang dekat tengah tu saye la.....

And guess what?? We stayed in the same apartment! Sleeping on the same bed..can you imagine how hectic we were. Seriously, I miss them so much! Thank god Jabatan Pelajaran Selongor buat Kursus. Rasa macam tak nak balik..Boleh?

Anyways, I'm looking forward to meet you guys again. To Ida: Kite dah add Syed Ahmad Benny the cat. Adalah sangat cool bila seekor kucing ada Facebook account. And to Kak Piah: I have something interesting to share with you. Bilalah dapat share ni??Tak sabar dah...

Okay, I have to plan my lesson for tomorrow. Good night all.

Hugs and kisses,

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