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October 18, 2010


Last Friday was a hectic. Going back to my hometown last weekend wasn’t one of my agenda in my packed schedule. If it wasn’t because of my brother needed my help, I would probably miss my cousin’s engagement. Nasib baik balik. Phew~

Masa hari Jumaat tu, I received a call from my brother after school, asking me whether I’m ready or not. I was like...erm...in a doubt. But whatever it is, family is everything. So I said yes. He fetched me and we headed straight to that place to settle down my project first. My little project. I gave them the document that they needed and paid for the booking. I have to book first. Biaselah... cuti sekolah kan ramai yang nak kahwin. Eh? Ada kena mengena ke? Only God knows. Buat masa sekarang...biarlah rahsia. Just wait and see. =)

Then we went to Selayang to pick my brother’s new car. It’s a second hand car, but still a new car for him. Yela...baru beli, kereta baru la kan... First time drive Perdana nyah! Sebab tak biasa with that type of car, saya telah memandu dengan sangat berhemah. I drove from Selayang to R&R USJ. Then tukar kereta sebab my brother nak test power that Perdana. So I drove the huge Pajero sampai Melaka. Bestnye drive kereta besar..Boleh nampak satu alam u olz! Berangan la ko nyah..nak pakai kereta besar macam tu kan.........huh~

I’m happy with my ad hoc homecoming. Ye la....dapat jumpa my parents and family..siapa tak happy oiii.....Okay then. I need to perform my Isyak prayer, then finish my workloads. Then I will blog about that engagement thingy. InsyaAllah.

Hugs and kisses,

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Dona said...

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