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October 21, 2010

Sunday's Outing!

Weekends will always be the best day of the week. It’s the time to get away from those hectic 5 mundane days. Agree? Well, I think it’s the best time for us to hang out and spend our precious moments with our family, friends and with that special someone. Last Sunday I had a so-called reunion with my ex-schoolmates at Hannah’s engagement and Amad’s wedding. Congratulations to both of them. Wah...macam seronoklah bukan dah kahwin..tett!!

Pagi-pagi lagi telah struggle drive from Melaka to Gombak. Sampai rumah terus makan ketupat bekalan dari kampung. Sedapnye...wee~~

While waiting for Peah to come and fetch me, I did my laundry and tidy up my room. Then Peah datang, gerak to her house and started our journey with Nuar. Thanks Nuar kasi tumpang kete. Nanti boleh tumpang lagi ye?
Okay, sampai rumah Hannah, orang tengah bincang-bincang tentang itu. Macam tu ek bertunang? Tentang itu ek yang dibincangkan? Never knew that. Selalu tahu sarung cincin je. Hehe. Sorry ye, I don’t have experience. Hehe.

After snap-snap photo here and there with Hannah, we headed straight to NZ, gathered there before we were off to Amad’s wedding. Wah...grand u olz! Mak suke sangat dengan goodies untuk guest. Bekas songket ada dodol kat dalam tu. It really suits with the team : Melayu tradisional. Cantek kot...Songket all over. Wah! I like!
Lepas balik wedding Amad, next station : Wangsa Walk. Karok session la like always. Then lepak-ing kat NZ. Fuh! What a day! But it was so much fun! Jom layan gambar..

Hannah’s engagement.

Amad’s wedding.

p/s: I couldn’t blog any longer as I’m in the middle of the course. So bored!!!=p

Hugs and kisses,

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