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August 14, 2010

I'm impressed!

Just now I went to photostate certain documents. While I was waiting for my paper, there was a Chinese woman, came to settle the same business as mine.

Chinese woman : Yang semalam saya photostate, berapa ringgit?
The staff ( Chinese also) : Semua sekali lapan belas ringgit.
Chinese woman : Yang ini boleh tolong photostate tak? Saya sudah tulis muka surat yang perlu di photostate.
The staff : Okay. Boleh. Bila mahu ambil? Petang?
Chinese woman : Kalau boleh siap cepat, petang atau malam ini saya ambil.
The staff : Ok. Terima kasih.

Wow!! They are both Chinese but they communicated in Malay. Plus, in such neighbourhood? Seriously, I was impressed! They are really Malaysian. By the way, bukankah bahasa jiwa bangsa?
I'm impressed!
Hugs and kisses,

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