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August 05, 2010

Iman's first trip

Well..perhaps this is not going to be a long entry. Every time my fingers touch the keyboard of my dear lappy and start to dance, they loose their steps. I will end up by staring blankly ahead to the lappy's screen. But I still have 2 more pending stories to be written here..so I have to settle down with this one first. As promised.

Last Tuesday I joined my nephew's school trip to Putrajaya and Petrosains. My nephew, Iman was so excited, especially when it came to the bus ride. I've never experienced being a so-called single parent before. Since my sis had to go to the lab on that day, I had no choice but to follow Iman. It was kind of fun actually, plus seeing all the adorable children were having fun with their friends. You know what makes the children adorable? They communicate in English. One of them came to me and said " Wah..Auntie also know English!"..hihi. I could hear them calling me here and there. "Auntie..I want to sit with Iman".."Auntie..I want to hold hand with Iman.." Auntie here and auntie there! OMG!! So cute!!

My little Iman

Do you think that they were really listening to the briefing?

Showing off his excitement

Where's the auntie?

With his best buddy.



Iman with chubby Qistina!

Iman was having his great time on the trip. He was extremely excited! As for the auntie, I was extremely tired! Iman was running here an there, so I had to run also. It was like playing baseball football. But it was fun!

Hugs and kisses,

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