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August 23, 2010


Yes. I am smiling so hard and my eyes are squinting. Because I'll be going, because I'll be going, yes, I'll be going! I am on my tippy toes now.

I'll be going to a place where sky is a blue that can be described as heavenly blue. I'll be going to a place where the grass is a green than can be described as heavenly green. Maybe I'll be going to heaven?

Of course not. Sorry for being delusional for a moment. Actually, I really need a very calm and peaceful place that can took my heart and my breath away. A place that can wipe away my tears that came out from my gloomy eyes, almost every night when I forced myself to sleep. I want to escape myself from this world. Tell me where is the place that can make me feel like I could reach the sky and God will listen to me. A place where I can stand on my own feet, like I'm gutsy and ready to do something brave. On a hot air balloon, maybe?

My heart is going to a place where everything seems to be so calm. My runaway heart.

I need to stop babbling now. I'm working tomorrow. Good night all.

Hugs and kisses,

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