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August 17, 2010


Okay. I lied. There is an entry. Actually I feel like blogging but I don't know which part should I start first. I have so many things inside my mind but I couldn't capture any and eventually I will end up with the same old grandmother reason- BUSY.

Well...should I blog about my work? Hurm...I think not now. Plus, I'm now trying so hard to accept whatever circumstances with an open heart. I'm learning to avoid myself from babbling about something that related to dissatisfaction of my job..Not now.

My love life? Hmm...always sweet like chocolate lor....And I think long-distance relationship is the most sweetest thing in the world. Being apart from each other will make our relationship stronger and stronger. Misunderstanding is just something that spice up our relationship. But what makes me worry now is he's always going for outstation. I'm worried about his safety..Travelling can put your life at risk, you know that? Hopefully Allah will protect him from danger. Amin. Baby...please come back. I miss you.

Hugs and kisses,

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