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August 22, 2010

I feel terrible!

The sounds of rain pouring outside my window had waken me up. A gloomy Sunday morning. I don't hate rain, but rain will always make my mind refuse to stop thinking about him. Oh dear! I feel totally terrible right now. My mind is clouded with thoughts of Ramadan memories which I spent with my beloved family and with my one and only, him. Please be strong, dear self. I know that you can be stronger than ever. 2 more weeks than you'll be off to home sweet home. Just hang on, dear self. Be strong!!!!

But I just couldn't help myself. I miss them so much.

Dear Abah, even though we keep on arguing with each other even for the small things, you know that you will always be my father. I will never forget your sacrifices. I just want you to know that I'm not trying to become a rebellious daughter. No. Never in my life. It just that, sometimes I need you to listen to my opinion. I'm no longer a small girl. I'm a grown up now. I know how to think and I know what's the best for me. But seriously, now...I miss the moments of arguing with you. And I know, whatever it is, you will always bring up the best in me. I love you dad.

Dear Mak, I miss the moments when we were in the kitchen, having fun cooking together. I miss the moments when we were searching for the best recipes in the internet. I miss the moments of sleeping in your arms. I miss the moment of watching t.v. till midnight..talking about my boyfriend. How you adore him, as much as I do..Mak, I miss everything about you. And I love you so much, with all my heart and soul.

Dear brothers, sisters and in-laws, I miss you guys so much. I miss the moments when we were joking and laughing around together. You guys will always be by my side, whenever I'm in trouble. To be exact, financial trouble...well mostly. Ahaks! You guys are the best brothers and sisters in the world. I hope that we could gather together on this coming Aidilfitri. InsyaAllah.

Dear nieces and nephews, you guys are the cutest little creatures on Earth! I miss you guys so much. Fatihah, Alia, Iman, Farisya, Danish, Dania, Wawa, Saifullah, Saifuddin, Khadijah, Qistina and Sufi......wait for me. I'll be back this coming Aidilfitri. You guys please be prepared for that hugging and kissing time. I miss you..all of you!

Dear Mr. Boyfriend, Ouch! I miss you badly. Miss you, miss you and miss you. Miss everything about you. Please come back!! I need you.

And for my BFF babes, guys....let's hang out!!! I miss you guys so much!!

Wait...I could see something! Wow! I see sunshine outside my window! Rain had stop pouring. I just love sunshine! See you later!

Hugs and kisses,

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