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October 23, 2011

Jumper? No,I'm not!

Well, OK. I have got a bit of here and there in my drafts which I haven't finish writing it. The only reason why I couldn't finish it is, I've been busy completing my tasks at school. I am now in the stage which I called it "demolishing process". I really really really want to get rid of this stress as soon as I can. Hopefully. I just can't wait to say goodbye to school. Well,at least for this year. 

Last night, I watched Jumper on t.v. I haven't watch that movie since its first released in 2008. Last night was my first time. Don't you think it was so cool when you can have your breakfast in Italy, lunch in New York and shopping in Paris just like that? 

Well, of course I can't. I'm just an ordinary human being. But at least I was a so called jumper yesterday. It just that it took me 2 hours to arrive at my destination rather than only by a blink of eyes. We travel by car. We? Did I just say WE? 

Yes, WE- my boyfriend and I. We had a wedding reception in Pulai, MERLIMAU, Melaka. Again, did I say MERLIMAU? My hometown? Yes! That is why I was so excited when I received his call early in the morning asking me to get ready for the journey. And I was like Yay!!!!! I can drop by at my parents'!!!

It took about 2 hours to be there. When we arrived, all his office mates were already there. The food was quite OK but what makes me feel so uneasy was his office mates, all the ladies to be exact. They seem like don't want to stay and you know, get to know with me. Well at least, we should have a chat, introducing each other,like suai-kenal activity kan...I just want to be friends..But then, after my boyfriend gave one them, Wani if I'm not mistaken, that memory card, they just get up and blah. What? Did I make something wrong? They hate me? They don't like me? Or maybe one of them had a crush on my boyfriend so that's why they couldn't stay any longer. Jealous maybe? I asked my boyfriend about that and he replied "Ntahlah..I pun tak tahu kenapa." Strange. So dear boyfriend, I tried to be their friends but they refused. How? Don't blame me.

Forget about that. This is the best part of our journey. Our next location was my parents' house. Dropped by for our Zohor and had tea with my parents. Mom made jack-fruit fritters.That was his first time having it. He said "Selalu I makan cempedak goreng..ni nangka goreng pulak" Well that's my mom. She can cook whatever she wanted to. And the sweetest moment was when he fell asleep on the sofa, right next to my dad, while watching football. Then my mom woke him up for tea "Zaffan...bangun Zaffan..Minum tea.." Hahahahaa. Damn comel! After having our tea, we "jumped" to our next place, Awe's house.

Awe is his grandma on his mother's side. And Awe already knows my name as soon as I entered the house. She hugged me and she kissed my cheeks. I felt so touched as she makes me feel like I had a grandma again. Thanks Awe for the kueh kasui and lontong..slurrppp!! And we had a hectic photo shoot session. Let's wait for the photos.=) Around 6 p.m. we headed back to KL..Again, Awe hugged and kissed my cheeks. I can feel my eyes was a bit teary as she reminds me of my late grandmothers. I never had a chance to kiss my grandma before she left me. I was too busy with my school at that time. And that's the most regretful thing I made towards my grandma. But yesterday was the sweetest moment I guess. Now I know that I have a grandma back. Thanks Mr. Boyfriend.  

See..We "jumped" to 3 places just in a day. The difference is we "jumped" in his super power Lancer. hihi. Thanks baby for yesterday. I had such a great time!

Hugs and kisses, 

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