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October 13, 2011

Let's crabby party!!!

Date : 07.10.2011
Venue : The best crab restaurant ever..i guess
Victims : Akma, Farah and Hanis.

After struggling with our workloads, me and my friends, Sis Farah, knew that we could do something better to cheer up our hectic day at  school. Certainly not movie or singing our hell out in a karaoke room, but on something that sooner or later will let me died in one of the 7 deadly sins. Haha.

After Zohor, we made our way to Unisel Bestari Jaya to fetch Sis Farah 'lil sis, Hanis. Then our journey to the crab's heaven began. The restaurant was in Kuala Selangor and it was my first time dining-in that restaurant. Damn~it was marvelous! The freshness and tenderness of the crab, the softness of the bread and the tantalizing taste of the dishes made me crazy!!!! It's a soul food! Phew! And hey, it was my first time having prawn mantis. It was superb!!!!

What we had ordered for that day? Ok. Let's see...

1) Ketam masak telur masin.
What to say about this one..erm...Splendid!!! Memang sedap I tell you. Walaupun masak telur masin, but it's not salty at all. Memang sedap. Tak tau nak cakap apa dah..

2) Ketam sweet sour.
Meleleh ayaq liuq wehhhhh....
Tantalizing!!!! We ate this with bread. The bread was marvelous. Memang sangat soft, sangat tasty. We didn't order rice because we knew that we're going to be bloated with crab.Look at the size of the crabs.

Nak makan ketam lagi!!!
Other side dishes we ordered were bread,saute baby kailan and prawn mantis goreng cili. Sedap tak terkata. And the experience nak keluarkan isi ketam pakai penyepit tu memang best! The last kaki ketam barulah dapat keluarkan isi dia macam makan ice-cream. Yummy!!!

 Apa jadi lepas tu??? haha. The whole night I bloated dengan food. 

Thanks to Sis Farah for that unforgettable treat. Must repeat to eat crab again.

I miss Crabby Party!!

Hugs and kisses,

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