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November 16, 2010

When I say a big hooray!!!!

Beautiful morning everyone!I am now trying to make myself as calm as I could. Let's run away from that bundle of workloads and get rid of the emotional abuse at school!! Alhamdulillah. Syukur. School's holidays had started! So......................a big HOORAY for me!!!Yay!!

By the way, when I said I'm on holidays, it means my location now is at home sweet home la nolks! Where else? Like I said, there's no place like home. Agree?

But it seems like I have to share this happiness alone. I feel like I'm empty. It has been 3 weeks since our last meeting. He's away for an outstation again. And me? I'm worried like hell as always. Please Allah, protect him from any danger as only You know how much I love him. Amin.

Let's have breakfast everyone! Lepas tu makan jamu you olz! Apparently, that jamu is starting to show good effect. Terasa tegang at certain important parts. Barula cantik sikit mak nak pakai baju pengantin nanti, insyaAllah.

Hug and kisses,

4 babbles:

durA said...

hey cikmai mkn jamu bg gemok ke??

Akmar Amon said...

cik dura, jamu bg montok dan tegang gitu..bukan gemuks...huhu...

durA said...

hah ye ke??jamu apekah itu?lallaal~~

Akmar Amon said...

jamu awet muda ratu mas you olz! malam plak mkn binari....huahuahua...ratu jamu gitu...