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November 27, 2010


Cikmai datang lagi......(cakap macam gaya Tora..datang lagi..) Arini rase nak cite pasal kawanku yang senantiasa menyediakan great accommodation untuk aku berteduh dari hujan panas. Ececece..ayat touching abes! Okay, okay..the award winner for the best friend I’d ever had goes to....(sambil ade drum roll gitu)..Miss Fardilla Fawzi. Yay!!!!*Clap*Clap*

Me and Cik Dilla.

Owh, gambar tersebut telah diambil few years back masa tengah berpeluh-peluh habiskan degree. Tengoklah mak..tak melets langsung..Urghh..Bajet sekarang kau melets la???Tak jugak pun kan....Perlu tingkatkan usaha menepek beauty krim dengan lebih gigih lagi. Jadi sila beli beauty krim secara pukal selepas ini.

The sweet lady in that purple dress is Miss Fardilla Fawzi. Even though dah tamat degree, but we still keep in touch. Bukan menyentuh sesame sendiri ye you olz. Dear, your existence is significant. I’m quite fond of you actually. You always manage to do two things on the same time. You’re a consistent two-timer. You could work and finish you master on the same time. Plus, busy preparing for your big day lagi. Eh, tu bukan two-timer lagi dah nolks..tu dah three-timer. OMG!! Seorang wanita yang tabah you olz! You always think about your future. No matter what happened, no matter what other people said, you will always stick on your opinion and your path. Salut!! I like. I like. *sambil kalut-kalut mencari button "like"*

The best moments with her will always be that...gossip moments!!! We will chit-chatting, laughing out loud, which might leave us with dislocated jaws later. This is what you get when you combine “miss chatterbox” and “miss astro”.

However, I only have few months to treasure this so-called privacy moment together with this iron lady. Then I have to share her with her husband later. Nk kahwin dah kawan aku yang sorang ni. Kau bile lagi? (Bercakap sambil berdiri depan cermin)..Lagi 6 tahun kot...selagi tak berkedut, selagi tak menggelebeh sana-sini...Jangan harap la ade orang nak datang meminang mak.. Aiseh..sampai ketua la kot. Tak nak!!!! Mintak la dijauhkan. Amin.

Dear, I just want you to know that I’m so happy for you. Knowing that my best friend will end up her single lady life is the happiest moment in my life. And thank you for choosing me as your bride’s maid. It is such a great honour.

Ah...suke..suke...mak suke!!!!

I love you babe. Thanks for being part of my life. Muaahhh!! Auww~ Sch-eewt!!

Hugs and kisses,

2 babbles:

Fardilla Fawzi said...


Mak touching abis...

Abis satu kotak tissue mak nolk....

ANyway thanks for the post...i appreciate it....=)

Akmar Amon said...

Babe....sayang you babe...=)