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November 26, 2010

Adorable Baby Jazmine.

Last Wednesday after I finished my work at school, I went straight to Sabrina’s house to visit her with her first baby. Okay, not that straight actually. I went to Giant, Batu Caves first to pamper my tummy with food...like always.

Introducing Sabrina’s very first daughter. Sharifah Jazmine Medina.

Comelkan Jazmine? (Photo courtesy from Sabrina's Facebook)

OMG!! Isn’t she adorable? Jazmine was sleeping when I arrived. But I waited for her to open that prettiest pair of eyes. And she did. She woke up for milk. Alololo...coms gell you olz!!! Lepas menyusu, meragam pula si kenit ni. Then I cuddled her with the gentlest touch ever. And she sleeps in my arms. Double OMG!! Comel sangat. Agaknya best sangat kot tidur and then siap buat “kuih” ye you olz. Then I helped to clean her poo! It’s okay..Mak dah biasa dah you olz. Before this kan I was a babysitter. Tapikan...memang comel sangat Jazmine. Nak jadi mama angkat Jazmine, boleh?? Pleaseee....

Right now I feel like I really want to be a mother. It will be the most wonderful, joyous and fulfilling experience there could ever be for me. The feeling of holding your own sweet baby is unexplained. The smile will capture my heart. Owh....bila lah ianya akan berlaku.

Hope and pray. Amin.

Nota kaki: Congrates again to Daniel and Sabrina on their first baby, Jazmine.

Hugs and kisses,

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