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November 20, 2010

Penang Oh, Penang!

As the month of November rolled around I would begin making holiday plans. I would love to fill my breaks with joy and excitement! You know the drill, huh? So let’s find time to relax from those evil workloads!!

So...I have a list of places that I would love to travel to. One of the nearest one is Penang. Yes dear, Penang meh!! Tak pernah pergi Penang ke you olz?? Memang tak pernah kau! Tempat jauh-jauh yang kena naik flight bagai I olz dah pegi kan?? Penang yang tak berapa nak jauh, I olz tak pegi lagi ke?? Kekdahnye.....

Anyways,why Penang? For me, it’s one of the beautiful states in Malaysia. It embraces modernity yet, still retaining its traditions and old charms. And the night life? Oh, please don’t tell me now. I’m drooling to go there!! And not to forget about the food. Rojak pasembur, Penang char kuew tiaw..OMG!!! Somebody help me!!*Double drooling*

Nak pergi the beaches..nak makan Penang food..Nak naik Bukit Bendera..Nak buat photoshoot there!! Urghh!! Tak tahan mak you olz!! Memang nak pergi kot..Tapi siapa nak teman? Sape nak amik gambar posing-posing nanti? Takkan nak camwhoring all the way?? Gile ke ape?

Dah tu, bilenye nak pergi??? Uwaaaa!!!

Lebih baik makan jamu.Eh, ada connection ke? Motiff?? Selamat malam semua.

Hugs and kisses,

4 babbles:

Miss L said...

dear!! i tell u.. penang was my hometown for 4years!!! mmg bestttt gilewwwwww... shopping mall dia, food dia. pergh... pilihan yg tepat nak ke sana!!!!
klu la boleh i teman u pegi, tp tak berani nak janji. sebab i pun dying nak g sna balik. just nak balik and step my foot on penang.. klu u nak cheap lodging, i ada number. let me know k

Akmar Amon said...

Kan? Penang mmg the right choice!!! Mmg sgt2 teruja nak g Penang!!!

Small Kucing said...

Penang memang a great place to visit. Good food. Then a stroll by the moon lit beach :D

Akmar Amon said...

Penang..Penang...I'm drooling..