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November 21, 2010


This morning I was awake by my phone. It was beeping and I’ve got a message from someone that I’ve been waiting like for every minute. He sent me his morning photo with his sweetest “morning motivation”. I jumped happily. Yes, I did jump! My mom seems immune with my reaction. This only happen on things related to my love life.

Recently, whenever I keep thinking about him, he will surely text or call me. It’s chemistry, I guess. Don’t you think?

Yesterday, while I was busy looking for my favourite tee, I found something. It’s my old red T-shirt which I wore it during my first date with him. I can still remember vividly that day. We were off to Sunway Pyramid. And of course, we went there by bus and train. My first date is all about laughing, laughing and laughing. Never knew that he’s that “gila-gila”. And he seems couldn’t take his eyes off me. And when I asked him why he was staring at me, he came to a short silent. And then we were laughing. Again and again.

I still remember the movie that we watched on that most memorable day. It’s a Thai’s horror movie. But we were laughing. Pelik kot. Maybe we were just too happy spending time together..LOL!

And the place where we had our first lunch together was Pizza Hut. And I still remember our table where we sit, and looking at each other, where my heart thumped like there was millions of hippo inside my chest!!! We were sharing our pizza and talking and laughing.

When we came back to our college, I remember what he said to me. He was hoping that we could go out together again some other times. And I was like jumping!!! Tapi mak control nolks!! Jatuh la saham nanti you olz!! Well of course, we were seeing each other again like for every day. Yela, we went to the acoustic band’s practice and of course la buat show together.. Dah kate same band you olz! And I remember every single thing (even the darndest one) we did together.

Macam nilah muka beliau masa our first date. Muka nakal gitu. Tapi rambut je la lain...Masa study ala nerd gitu!!

You and I -lovers, secret-keeper, best-friends and best enemy sometimes. Take care my dear macha. This little girl is missing you so damn much. I need your bear hug la sayang...auwww~ Gediks!!

Hugs and kisses,

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