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November 22, 2010

La Vita E Bella

What a gloomy Monday morning. The weather is overcast and rain is pouring on my window pane. I turned on my so-called bestfriend, Mr. lappy and quickly updated my status in Facebook- Life is truly beautiful. 24 years of living had thought me and makes me realized that life IS beautiful, especially with the ups and downs, the circles and the squares and the bittersweet of life. It is beautiful, don’t you think?

But what it is that makes life is so beautiful? It is all depends on us and how we view what beautiful is. The simple things around me that are beautiful may not be beautiful to someone else or maybe to you. If you open your eyes and your heart widely, you’ll find out that there are many beautiful things in this world that we’re living in. They are the things that we see around, the people, the scenes, the weather and the happiness and the sadness that we see in other people and we experience ourselves.

Life is like a large, empty canvas, waiting for the stroke of eager brush to paint on my memories, waiting for me to create the truest form of beauty within life. I had been living for 24 years old and they are many “firsts” that I had experienced. First crush, first date, first love, first kiss, first pay check, first car..Such beautiful images that only deepest of ones mind can produce. And I have years ahead waiting for me to complete my paint of life with the obstacles and challenges that can actually enhance my being and makes my life more beautiful as I embrace with hope, faith and perseverance.

I still remember the times when I was struggling to fulfil my dreams, to settle down with my life, my career, my relationship. Yet, I’m still struggling now. Because I know that life was created, life is given, life is taken, life can change, and life can certainly be difficult, but the concept and perception that Life is Beautiful can only be appreciated and accepted when we embrace it fully, face the climb, endure the valleys and enjoy the mountaintops. Life is beautiful if we take the time to look for all that it has to offer through the many wonders that it brings to who we are.

Never regret on things that you had done. But you have to regret on chances and the opportunity that you wasted.

Life is Beautiful. Have a good, happy, fulfilling, abundant, life-giving life full of love everyone. I love you all.

I'm thankful for what I've got, what I have.

P/s: It’s raining quite heavily outside. Rains will always remind me of him. I miss my macha so badly la….I just can’t wait to meet him.

Hugs and kisses,

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