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November 30, 2010

The Love Boat Journey.

Picture courtesy from Mr. Google

Closing my eyes tightly, I always imagine the two of us sailing in a small boat on the wild sea. The ocean sometimes gets harsh towards us. And the wind makes us unstable which might let us fall down from our boat. But we hold ourselves tightly even though sometimes I nearly slip from his arms. Just hang on. Believe in ourselves and be strong. I just don’t know when we will arrive at our “final destination”. I know we’re getting closer because sometimes I could hear the sounds of the wedding bell. But sometimes that sounds gone with the rough wind and it’s vanished within a second.

When is our turn to reach at our destination? I could see that some of our friends’ boat had already arrived and some of them are just a few meters away. Baby, maybe the sea that we go through is the wildest one compared to others. Obstacles and challenges are everywhere! Sometimes I feel like giving up but it’s not worth it to do such things after all we went through together.

This so-called journey to our destination is really really challenging. Don’t ask me how many litres of tears I had wasted to get through each of the obstacles. But thank God. Allah is always by my our side. Let’s pray and pray and pray and pray. And not to forget, hope and faith.

This journey takes a longer time than I’ve thought. Just hang on. We’ll reach the finish line soon. Hopefully.

Hugs and kisses,

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