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October 02, 2012

Long pause.....and I'm officially booked!

Ok. Seriously it's been months since I pause for this blogging thingy. Phew~ 

What's happening to me??? I'm kinda lack of thoughts and ideas to share. I need to get back on track and keep on blogging!!! Oh,anyway... I've got great news to share!

I'm officially booked by my Mr. Right!!! Not that my ex lah! It's someone million times better than that jerk. Deep down I'm thankful to that jerk Mr. Ex because he had open my eyes and my heart to someone better. First he made me cry my hell out...now because of what he did to me..I think that I'm the most luckiest girl ever! 

Guys....I'm engaged! Thank you ALLAH for His blessings! I'm so blessed!

Now I'm working so hard on my dream wedding. Theme colour already chosen. The rest of thing....still working on it. The wedding will be on March so I have few months to go. 

Asked about my theme?

It's going to be like this. 

Thanks Mr. Google for this lovely photo. 
Cute isn't it?

Hugs ans kisses,

2 babbles:

oshinz said...

alhamdulillah!! congrats. dun forget to share with us about ur preparation here ya.

Akmar Amon said...

Thanks dear. I will...i just don't know where to start. but i'm sure i will share it here. InsyaAllah. :)