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December 15, 2010

That Phone call..

I had such a stupid nightmare last night that Mr. Boify sold me to an Indian guy for a sum of money. What the??? Oh sayang...tolong jangan jual i . . . Mak tak rela you olz!!!

Anyways, he called me this morning. Dan semalam juga. Dan semalam-semalam juga. Hearing his voice early every morning makes feel more energentic! Tet! Dah macam isotonic drink la pulak suara ko cha....huahuahua..

And hearing his voice every night before I sleep (thanks for calling me sayang...) doesn’t influence my dreams at all. Eh?? Tet lagi sekali!! Selalu je dapat nightmares jugak cha. Kaedahnye...siap kene jual lagi semalam. Haha. Joking dear. If only you knew how I yearn for your phone call everynight, my dear. . . .

I couldn’t deny my feeling towards him. Although most of the times sometimes he hurts me, but I have to admit that I love him even more. It just that my emotions went beyond my control and my mouth was bloated with harsh words then irrational action was taken. Action comes before thought. Ape yang kau merepek ni Labuuuuuuuu???????????? Hahahahaha..

Speaking about phone call, the other night he called to remind me about the football match between my team, The Gunners and his team, The Red Devils. How could I forget?? My favourite team kot...mane mak boleh lupe nolks! ! But unfortunately I was being quarantine that night ( guess until this moment when I blog about this post ) and there’s no Astro for the T.V. down stairs. FYI, I’m not allowed to go upstairs. And so I missed the match. Sad..Sad...=,(

Only that night we were like enemies. Then I received texted from him informing me that his team had scored one goal..Huh~ nak berlagak dengan mak la tu...Tak kisah cha...Hero memang ar kalah dulu.. Tet!
Okaylah tuan-tuan dan puan-puan...Mak nak mandi.. Gaya mak sekarang ni tak ubah macam Hantu Kak Limah Balik Kampung, nolks! Huahuahua. Take care.

Hugs and kisses,

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