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December 14, 2010

Are you hungry??

I never thought that being sick can actually makes my short-listed wish come true. I just could not stop drooling as the advertisements are everywhere!!! Being locked up in my room 24/7.......ahhhh!! Mak tak tahan! ! !

And today was the most starving day I had ever had. I didn’t take my breakfast and have few small slices of butter cake for lunch. I was lazy to go to the kitchen. Hey, what’s the point of keeping a maid in the house?? So sekali-sekala malas, apa salahnya. Betul tak????

But there’s nothing in the kitchen. I’m sure bibik also was starving like hell. She was depending on me to cook for lunch like every day I did. Hari ni kasi ah chance aku cuti...Plus , siapa yang bibik sebenarnye ni? Besides, I should be in my room..Q-U-A-R-A-N-T-I-N-E. remember??

So I make a cup of hot tea and have it with a few slices of butter cake. Blurpp...alhamdulillah. Berlapo la kau bibik..Tet!!

Then my phone rang, it’s my bro. He asked me what I want for my late lunch. Then I said..I don’t mind. Bubur ayam McD also can....hahaha. Hari-hari ko makan bubur, tak kembang tekak ke nolks? Tet. Tu ayat pancing je tuh..

Guess what my sis and bro brought back home for me? Scroll down please.

Ahhh. You recognize that sign, don't you?
Yes..it's a beef burger..and I'm loving it!
Hey everyone!! It's the prosperity burger!!! 
I had that prosperity burger for my early dinner just now. Wowzah! Thanks to my siblings. Yay!
Are you hungry?? Let's eat!!!

Hugs and kisses,

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