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September 04, 2010

A Sampin Story

Location : Bukit Jalil Bus Station

Plan changed. I changed my ticket from 12 noon to 3 p.m. because of a sampin (urgh..not sure with the spelling). What a drama! Actually I've planned to drop by at Subang and catch up with him, take that sampin and then headed straight to Bukit Jalil. But he didn't give me any confirmation. So here I'm, in the middle of the station, feeling so stuffy, waiting for him. Plus, had to change my ticket. Hmm....it's okay dear. Mom and dad can wait for me.

You know what? I think he is so sweet. Why? Because he doesn't want other people to sew that sampin for him except me. He told me that the sampin was a gift from his grandma. But I know the story behind that sampin. But I won't tell you as I promised to adik to let it be a secret between us. Sayang, thanks for giving me the opportunity to sew that sampin for you. I promise to sew it carefully. And I hope you will be wearing that sampin during "that" day. InsyaAllah.

Oh, I fall in love with him again..and again..and forever again.

Hugs and kisses,

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