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September 04, 2010

Love your breasts. Keep clean.

Just now, I read about something that is very interesting for me to share with you. I know some of you might already seen this thing..or maybe already knew it..but it's new for me. After looking at the picture, I started to make some light researches about this disease. Apparently, there is such disease. And it's frigging scary! I couldn't stop myself from thinking and that makes me eager to know about it. After reading some medical articles, I think now all the questions that mingling inside my mind were answered.

Okay..let see the photo. I'm warning you that this is terribly disgusting.


I tell you..this photo is horrible. This is called breast larvae Infestation. It happened to a lady, who didn't wash her new undergarments that she bought. These larvae were feeding off the fats, tissues and even the milk canals of her breast.

Take a close look at the picture. For me, I think that photo is somehow computer generated. Because, if it's true, the breast should be rotten, don't you think? I think the photographer had combining two or more images in a graphic manipulating program. Maybe a photo of a breast was combined with a photo of a lotus seed pod. Whatever it is, this photo is truly revolting.

Therefore, to make things clear, I decided to search the info regarding this disease in the Internet. Thanks to the article from BMC Surgery. This kind of disease is called Furuncular myiasis of the breast that caused by the larvae of Tumbu fly. This happened due to the infestation of the larvae from Tumbu fly. Somehow, this kind of case is rare. You can read here for more info. But hey, we have to prevent ourselves from such disease, right? Okay, this is the real photo of a woman, infected with this disease. Okay, I think I want to vomit.

Furuncular breast lesion with multiple sinuses containing Tumbu fly larvae.

The extracted Tumbu fly larvae. Ewww~

It's scary, isn't it? So ladies, our garments especially the undergarments are made in different countries from all over the world. They were placed in boxes and go through many hands and exchanges before we purchase them for ourselves. So, we don't know what parasites are on the surface of our clothing when we buy them. Therefore, moral of the story is please make it a habit from this moment and forward to wash all your just-purchased undergarments or any garments before wearing them, remember?

Sharing is caring. Good night everyone.

Hugs and kisses,

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