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September 03, 2010

I'll be back!!!

It's been almost 9 p.m. but I still don't get any news from him. Ya Allah, I'm worried about his safety. I tried to call him so many times, unfortunately unsuccessful. He didn't reply my sms too. Hmm.....I am worried. I think it's best for me to post an entry in order to eliminate these worries. Just pray for his safety. That's why I don't like him to go out for outstations.

Times fly so fast. It's already 24 Ramadan now. Feels like only yesterday we started fasting, huh? So, how's your preparation for the feast? Me? My preparation is so-so.. I mean moderately. I'm spending my money prudently. Reason? I still haven't got my first paycheck la.. Aduh..How many times should I tell you?

I still remember vividly the time when I was little. Hari Raya was the most-awaited feast every year. I couldn't wait to wear new clothes, new shoes, everything that's new! And the most I couldn't forget was...DUIT RAYA!!!!

However, such feelings has faded away as I grew up. Maybe now I'm getting to understand the true meaning of Hari Raya. It's not about new clothes, new shoes or duit raya. It's about forgiveness and happiness to meet our relatives that we rarely see. And not to forget, the delicious and scrumptious food and the various type of kuih raya!!!! So much fun, don't you think?

Owh, speaking about raya..I'm going back home tomorrow!!!!! Yeeha!! And yes! I'm finished packing! Yahooo!!!! Melaka.....Here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!

P/?S: Pak cik kat sebelah rumah ni malam-malam pun nak bertukang. Dari semalam lagi...betul-betul kat tepi tingkap bilik saya. Susah betul nak tidur. Bersungguh betul pak cik ni nak raya. Haih~ Cop...Mr. Boify dah sampai rumah ke belum agaknya....Risaunya...

Hugs and kisses,

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