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September 03, 2010

Merdeka Eve

I went out with few of my friends- Nuar, Farhana, Hannah and Azhim- and of course, with him. First destination was Murni Discovery for the late break-fasting thingy. What I like most about Murni is because of the foods. They are all scrumptious! Thanks Nuar for introducing me to Murni Discovery. Apparently, me and Mr. Boify don't have to suffer having meals at the stuffy place with "Mickey Mouse" is everywhere. Yay!! Dear, next time no more Murni SS2, okay sayang? =p

Let's talk about the food. That night was my first time having that popular Mee Raja. I was jaw-dropped when the food arrived. Tersangat melimpah ruah, okay? Can feed for 3 persons!!! And of course, I couldn't finish my meal...as usual. Hihi. And for drinks, I had my favourite drink, Ribena Special. Blurrppp..Alhamdulillah.I'm full. Next time want to try the Arabiata. It looks nice and delicious. Owh, don't forget to try the Nasi Goreng Meletup. Superb!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we headed to Uptown for "sightseeing". Haha. Ouch..Couldn't write any more longer. I'm so tired to dance my finger now. Now..it's photo time!!!

My. Boify, Nuar, Azhim, Fana and Hannah.

Hannah is so cute in this pic.

Couldn't finish my meal..T_T

Helping the doctor to buy tudung..

I like this pic so much!

Thanks Mr. Boify for the photos. I need to take a nap now...zzzZZzzz~

Hugs and kisses,

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