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September 02, 2010

Weekend Update.

I did tell you guys that I had a fabulous weekend last week with my bff Cik Dilla and Mr. Boify, right? So I think let's just make my entry short.

I went to the night market with Dilla on Thursday and I bought that pink handbag. But hey, I sold it the next day. Yes. And the reason was....syhhh!!! Let it be a secret between me and Dilla. Yezza!

And as been told, I went to Jalan TAR on Friday and having my fabulous sightseeing there. Ooppss! Did I say sightseeing?? Well sort of. Haha. Meet Dilla there. I passed the house key to her cause I had to go to buy my raya ticket. That day was superb tired!!!! I just had some rest after berbuka with Dilla. Then, Mr. Boify invited me to accompany him playing futsal. Even though I was so damn tired but being with him makes my tiredness fade away...weee~

I spent my Saturday with Mr. Boify and my Sunday with Dilla and her beloved En. Azli. babe, thanks to your sayang for that asam pedas.

And Mr. Boify..thanks for spending your precious time with me. Thanks for everything. Miss you already..

Oh.......I just couldn't make this entry longer. I'm so sleepy right now.

By the way, Alhamdulillah..Thank you Allah for that thing. I'm happy. Syukur.

Hugs and kisses,

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