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May 27, 2010


I was browsing through my videos folder in my lappy when I found this video. It's a video clip of a song from Vitamin C - Graduation. Then I reminiscing about the high school years with one of my dorm mates. I told her that I love my life back to my varsity years most instead of my high school years. But then, when I think about it again, somehow my high school years were not that bad actually. The pressure of student life is a whole lot better than the working life.

My primary school was so-so. I'm a very good girl plus damn naive. Always participated in many competitions and was not a rule breaker. Nothing much to be remembered but only one thing. I found my best friend,my true best friend, during my elementary years.

Then I went to high school. What I love most about my school years is breaking the rules. Oh, not to forget about the craziest things that I'd done. I could remember the "Pakcik Jual Pau Maharani Yang Sangat Sedap dan Murah" just across the street, in front of our school's field, waiting to take our ( me and my other dorm mates) order. We were using the shouting technique to place our order which was like so fun! I could also remember when me and some of my friends were craving to eat "Mee Bandung Muar" that night (or evening? I could not remember). Then we asked for permission from the Pakcik guard to go out and buy it, which of course, he didn't allow us to. Then that kind-hearted Pakcik guard helped us to get that scrumptious Mee bandung while me and my friends had to stay at the post-guard, replacing him. Then I love the moment of catching a fish in that clear drain. The moment of climbing up a rambutan tree so early in the morning. Breaking rules here and there. It was so much fun!

Then I went to the matriculation program. I love to call it my rebellious year. I was totally a rule breaker and a trouble maker. So many crazy things I did when I was in matriculation. Can't remember a lot. The best part was I met my best friend at the Koperasi. And we were like screaming and hugging each other. I love her so much.

My life as an university student was the best part of all. It's the place where I learned to become outspoken and brave. It's the place where I did make over to myself. A place where I learned to survive. A place where I found my true love. One of my fondest memory was when my heart went literally berserk, thumping like there were hundred of elephants running in my chest. I could remember vividly that moment very well. I just came back from the serving class (with uniform and heavy make-up on my face) and went straight to my acoustic band practice, where I met a new member of the band. I looked carefully and gosh! It was him, my first crushed when I was in high-school. He was playing the guitar while I was the flutist. Practicing and performing show together with him was one of my unforgettable moments. Oh, not to forget the moment where I skipped my class just to go shopping with my buddies. The moment where we went to Pavilion just because we were craving like hell for JCo Donuts. The moment where we spent our assignment on Portuguese food and culture.. The moment where we met that Ustaz Squidward and Mr. What-we-called-it. Struggling to produce our own dragon fruit marshmallow which I almost gave up trying but at the end we succeed. The moment of spending time for "Jalan-jalan Cari Makan" program. How I wish I could turn back time.

I miss every single moment of my life as a student..

Life of my school years to varsity had taught me a lot. I learned to grow up. I learned to accept the reality and be grateful of what I have. I learned to cherish every moments with tears and laughter. Indeed, I learned a lot about life.

As I almost finished typing this entry, I asked myself- what was being a student for me? And yet, I'm still trying to figure out the answer as there is no, and there will never be, any decisive answer for that particular question. Whenever I think about those memories, there is only one thing that I know it for sure. That one thing is how I miss them so much.

Hugs and Kisses,

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