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May 27, 2010


How would you guys describe the words "hate" and "dislike"? For me hate is such an ugly emotion and yet so much a part of our human make up. You can choose to like or to hate someone. The choice is yours. In what ever way it is, the word hate is often misused. Though some people use it rather frequently, they've never known what it feels like to really hate someone. What about dislike? Isn't it just the same, don't you think?? Or maybe not.

Whatever it is, I hate when people keep on pretending that he or she is kind of perfect but in reality they actually don't. Being such a lovely, kind, soft spoken and adorable person just to get attention from others??Or in other words just to take other people for granted?? Hello!!!There's nobody perfect in this world, for God's sake. And that's the ugly truth that you should know, dear.

So.....Have you ever encountered with such person? Me? Yes, I have. And it's annoying and irritating. My first impressions and expectations are totally wrong. Was it because I'm blind for all this while or was it because he/she is such a drama queen? I have no idea about it. The truth is this hatred is keep on developing and I don't know the exact time for it to explode.

Please!!!!!!!!!!! I hate the feeling of hatred. Should I let out this feeling or should I just keep my mouth shut and let it go with the flow? I realized that acting like I don't care about it all and pretending to be okay will create other hatred. But what should I do? I'm so confused. Maybe I should hang on and hopefully that person will be vanished soon.......real soon.

Hugs and Kisses,

2 babbles:

Hisyam said...

Some people act like they are 'perfect' or better than others because they are actually insecure... they know they have their flaws, but they don't want others to find out about it...

You don't have to hate them for it... feel sorry for them instead. ;)

Akmar Amon said...

Hisyam, you know what?I think you're totally right.Should feel sorry for them.