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May 04, 2010

Let's talk about.....

LOVE! Haha. Saya tahulah bunyinya semacam jiwang karat. Hey...Cikmai sedang mood bunga-bunga cinta, okay?? But tak salah, bukan?

Okay..Let's start this rambling thingy with a question. When did you know or realized that you are truly, madly, deeply in love with your partner? Bagi saya, saya tidak sedar when did it happen. Sedar-sedar je..OMG!!!! I love this guy so much!! And second, why you love your partner so much? Aha! Of course, there is no specific reason for this. I just love him. It's a feeling that came naturally..and it's something that I didn't force myself to.
But how many of you realize about the dangers of love? Yup...and for me sometimes love could be so painful. Okay, consider this:
  • Love can breed sympathy pains. Why? Because when the loved one suffers pain so does the lover.
  • Love lost can interfere with everything else in a person’s life such as work, education, friends, family, sleep patterns, hobbies, religious faith, future relationships...
  • Fights both physical and verbal occur as a result of love’s inspiration. Relationships are broken because of attention lost to your partner or maybe because of jealousy over that relationship.
  • Forbidden love can get people disowned from a family or maybe heaven forbid, thus will end up like Romeo & Juliet...
  • Not “finding” love can get someone labeled a spinster- mostly for women..hello...menjadi anak dara tua adalah choice yang terakhir, okay?
  • Love costs money when it comes to anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and if marriage comes, the wedding can be horrendously expensive lah bukan?
  • Crimes of passion, up to and including murder, with claims of love at the center. Banyak sudah case-case bunuh kekasih di Malaysia ni..but since when does anything justify crime?
  • Last but not least, ever heard of dying from a broken heart? DEATH, this number is talking about death. Is that not the ultimate consequence a person should get at least a heads-up about? Well..yeah, maybe..
See...Love IS dangerous and painful. But when you are deeply in love, nothing does matter. Dan saya? Yes, every second and every minute saya akan teringat akan si dia, even if he hurt me or even if we were fighting. Dan itu ialah si dia. Till then.

In purpose di letakkan di tepi bantal...senang nak hug..=p

Hugs and Kisses,

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