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May 13, 2010

Is he telling the truth?

I just finished reading an interesting article. Just want to share with you what I'd read just now. Okay.. Let me start this entry with a question. Do you think that your guy is always telling you the truth? Think.

Well ladies, it's not always easy to recognize when our guy isn't telling the truth. But sometimes when they are trying to fudge the facts, there will always be some hints to indicate that. So, come on ladies, wake up!! Wake our inner lie detector and prevent dishonesty in our relationship.

My second question : Have you ever gone through a situation where your guy sounded a little bit fishy? Well,according to that article, men tell twice as many lies as women, most of which are white lies. Whoa...never knew that before. The main reason why men tell lies is that they want to preserve their ego. They won't let their reputation being spoiled by women.

Okay, let's move to the main thing that I want to share with you- the signs of deception. I think that it is important for me to know these signs as me and my boyfriend are having a long-distance relationship. I should note the signs so that I could decide for myself if he's being honest. It's not that I don't trust him but somehow I have to listen for:

1. Stalling for time like "Could we talk about this later?"

2. Defensiveness sign like " I shouldn't answer that..."

3. Excuses like "I would never do that." Or, "I would never jeopardize our relationship."

4. Searching for specifics. Sometimes, when we ask our boify certain questions, they may ask us back with questions like "What's your point?" Or, "What are you trying to figure out?"

5. That "What ifs" word. When we ask him whether he would go for a date with other girl then he would answer : "What if I say yes?"

6. Amnesia like "Not that I can remember..."

7. Details : Truthful men tell you the truth and answer your question, not tell you the whole story behind the truth. Deceptive men load up their response with more details than are necessary to answer your question.

8. Guilt twists : "Do you really think I would do that?" Or, "I thought you trusted me."

9. Sounds made by him like clearing his throat, coughing, voice change.

10. Qualifiers : "To be perfectly honest..." Or, "To tell you the truth..."

These simple tactics can help us spot the lies, get him talking truthfully, and pave the way for a more trusting and honest relationship. So..wake up ladies!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs and Kisses,

Article courtesy from Yahoo personal.

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